Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things I Am Thankful For. (In No Particular Order.)


-Family and friends who are willing to spend hot sweaty weekend days hauling our crap across town. Seriously. We have the best people in our lives, and are super blessed.

-My hair being long enough to throw into some semblance of a ponytail. If it weren't I would have gone Sinead O'Connor after the first day of painting. The mini-tail has risen again!

-Spacebags again. Except for the ones that break, or deflate randomly, those are on the list of things I spit at.

-Getting the best mail ever: on the first day of moving, I got my vintage sheet swap package, and on the second I got my Dubb Nubb CDand an amazing pity-letter from Raych. Maybe the mail will always be more exciting at this house? (Ha.)

-My mother, who CLEANED OUR OLD APARTMENT. All of it. The kitchen, the bathroom, the 2-inch thick layer of animal hair on every surface. She even washed the dirty dishes I still had sitting in the sink. Sainthood, I think, is in order.

-My mother-in-law, who made brownies and cookies and macaroni for the 13 people that were here on Saturday, with a lot of leftovers, which she left for us. I have not had to even think about what will be for dinner for the past four days! Joy!

-Brian, for being patient with me when I was freaking out, which happened a few times. Also, for helping paint the millions (three) of rooms we painted. And for schlepping all my stinkin' craft stuff around.

-Having a back yard we can park giant trucks in. Convenient.

-Costco, for carrying the giant pack of Spacebags, and $10 pizza, and for the giant pack of allergy medicine.

-Netflix, and Netflix streaming, and Party Down, and The Sopranos on dvd. Because at the end of the day, you need SOMETHING to make you not want to curl up in your box-shanty-town and die.

-Tiny light, at end of tunnel.

I am sure there were more, but I have forgotten them, because my brain is still stupid with exhaustion. Come back again tomorrow, and maybe I will have found my card reader. And when I do, your eyes will be ASSAULTED with NEW FABRICS! Or something?


teaginny said...

moving sucks, but your new house is so awesome. can't wait to see pics of the freshly painted rooms! and fabric!

Malinda said...

Your mother already is a saint. It is so nice that you appreciate her. Your house is wonderful, too. Can't wait to see your creative ideas in it.

Vicki said...

Wow, you've been busy. I can't wait to see your fabric!

rachel said...

Some sympathetic thoughts:

Spacebags, in my experience, ALWAYS randomly deflate. It's part of their function.

Mothers are worth their weight in gold, and more. Especially your mother (and me).

Household stuff, no matter how cherished/expensive/artistic/tasteful, always looks sad, tired and shabby once loaded onto a removals truck.

You think you will take for ever to get to the end of unpacking boxes. You think right.

You will realise, all of a sudden, that this new house has quietly become a home, and that you are happy in it. At least, that's what I wish for you!

Warmest best wishes from one planning to do the same thing one day..... x

Reese Dixon said...

I just finished a massive move myself, and your line about wanting to curl up and die in your box shantytown hit a little too close to home. Oh gosh moving is awful.

Katie said...

Another new resident to the box-shanty-town here!