Wednesday, September 30, 2009


That's how I say, I have my fabric for sale on my etsy. Let's have some gratuitous product shots, shall we?

Right now these are the only two colors I have printed of this design, because, sheesh, it gets expensive to print at $18/yard, but, if you would like the fabric but in a different color or weight, just email me or convo me on etsy and I will special order it for you at the same price (unless it is a heavier weight fabric, and then it will vary).
I have fat quarters listed separately and in a set, and I have to say I'm really really happy with the quality of Spoonflower's printing and fabric quality. Am I gushing enough for you? Am I Gushy McGusherson, spewing gush all over Spoonflower and myself? Wow, I don't know if I have ever written a more ambiguously disgusting sentence. And with that, I will stop, while I am ahead.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yeah, Finally. (or: Sherbet Tower Quilt.)

Ok, so remember earlier this summer, when I had all the pinky strips, and the cutting and the whining, and the seam ripping, and the promises about things being done by "the end of the week"? Weeks = months to me, people. Anyway, I made another version of this quilt earlier in the summer, but have been unable to show it here, just in case its recipient might take a gander at the old bloggity blog, and it has been KEELING ME to keep it under wraps. It was an experiment with a new design, you see, and it turns out I'm rather fond of it. So this is v.2, and v.1 will be unveiled sometime in late October, and, anyways, I hope you likes it. Now, too many quilt photos! Go! Go!This quilt is up for sale in ye olde etsy, if you happen to be in the market. And also, I am trying to start taking more custom orders, so if you or anyone you know needs a FABULOUS (Ha. I mean, they are, but, all caps? Who am I?) little quilt, send me an email. Or etsy convo. Or call me. Well, no, you can't, but, you get the idea. I'm around.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Place Where Dreams (or, Ok, Totebags,) Are Made.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on the birdie fabric. I think I will go ahead and do both, as many of you suggested, and I have already started on a few tote bags featuring the birdies. I think that on the next run, I will make several different colors... I really like how the kelly green swatch came out, any ideas for a third color? Aww, the Baxter. And now, of course, some bags. I've been on a real bag-kick lately, otherwise known as a "lets-try-to-make-something-we-can-sell-with-all-of-these-many-accumulated-materials-because-we're-poor" kick. You know. But I find that the more bags I make, the more I enjoy the process, I guess that since it is becoming automatic, it is easier to slip into that "zen" state of making. Not that I usually throw the word zen around, because, I am the eye-roller who tends to avoid it, but, you know that place where you just kind of lose it all in what you're doing? Anyway, yay for sewing, and yay for This American Life, Turkish radio, and iPod shuffle mode!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's That Hiding in the Other Room?

You know how I am completely obsessed with fabric? Yeah. Well, imagine the amount of obsession that comes with getting fabric that you made! MWAHHHHHHHHH! It is a whole new level of amazingness. I get it out and touch it all the time, and rub my face on it, and smell it. This was the first thing I have printed using Spoonflower, and I have to say that I am completely hooked, and already working on a few more designs! There were a few issues with my repeat, but I think I have them under control now, and it's that not surprising considering it was my first try making one. So, without further ado, forty million pictures of my birdie fabric!Lesson I learned today: It's pretty much impossible for me to take an adequate picture of myself holding fabric.SO, now I have a question for you fabric folk, "market research"* if you will. I am thinking about doing a few more designs and then selling them on my etsy store, do you think there would be more interest in just the raw fabric than in say, bags and stuff that I would make out of it. Or, in simpler terms, should I try and sell things from the fabric, or just the fabric itself? Or, do you think there would be interest in either? I am a bad decider, let me know.*Ok, so this week I was supposed to participate in a market research groupy-thingie, and so I went there, and filled out another form (after an email and phone interview), and sat in the mirror room with 12 or so other women, and then they started calling people's names to go into the other room, and they called EVERYONE BUT ME! I was rejected! My opinions were REJECTED, but they still paid me $60. $60 dollars to not have to listen to me talk. Kind of impressive, no?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rufus Encourages Literacy.

Baxter encourages sleep.I made a new bag.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because, What is Blogging If Not Shameless Self Promotion?

Updates to the etsy shop. You guys have no idea how many 3" squares I have. So many. I'm working on a few new things, and of course, the quilt is happening, so more crafty-ness is coming. Anyway, like I said, blogs = free advertising. I'm not too proud to admit it. Also, this is the last week that the tote bags come with a free Yarn Love print, so if you want one of those without, you know, having to pay for it, time is of the essence and whatnot! Exclamation! 24 moneys for a totebag and de-lightful print! Ha-Cha! (Ok, sorry, that's the last huckstering you'll get from me for a while.