Friday, September 21, 2007

Something Crafty This Way Comes...

Thought I would take a bit of time to share some QIP (quilt-in-progress) pictures. I've done two days worth of after-school work on this (3:00-6:00 pm), and I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far. I've got a bit to learn about following cutting quantity directions on quilt patterns, but, whatever. I started planning the color scheme and everything SO long ago, in Spring, and now I am pleased to see that it has worked out nicely, and doesn't much resemble vomit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pictures, That's What I Like.

Soooo Soft.Soooo gross.Newish cozy corner.New old coffee table.The kitty noseprint phenomena. On every one of my windows, exactly at kitty-nose height.Craft space in-progress.Outdoor neighbor.Vintage love.
All for now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Couch

Thank you for all the sweet words, everybody. This weekend was relaxing for the most part, except well, you know, the fact that we spent two days couch shopping, got rear-ended in the process, and had our cat fall from the upper level of our apartment to the wooden floor of the main level.(Don't worry, he's fine.) Sigh. But looky! Couch! Lovey Couch!So, I'm being a little silly about the couch, but it's really a big deal for us, our first piece of "real" furniture. We felt like such ADULTS, buying a couch, negotiating to get 10% off, praying it would fit up our stairs. And now that it's in place, we have started to feel like this place is really "home", not just another temporary place on the way to home.I love our entryway decor. Fake stuffed wildlife, what can beat it? When we weren't couch shopping, we did some swimming and antiquing in St. Joseph, hung out with both sets of parents, and listened to the song "Hold Music" by Architecture in Helsinki approximately 400 times. You should check it out, after three listens you will be totally incapable of getting it out of your head. Craft content is returning, I swear, but is on hold while my craft room is restructured around the huge amount of space I now have. Mwahaha.