Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Am Being Paid to Talk? (To youuuuuuuuuuuuu!?!)

GUYS! I keep forgetting to tell you, but I am the official speaker at this month's meeting of the KC Modern Quilt Guild, which is, DUDE, this Thursday! (The hamster will be there, too, I guess?)
 I'd like to say it will be Interesting and Informative and Whatnot, and HOPEFULLY it will be be all of those things, but I make no guarantees-- but it will be SOMETHING, and there will be PICTURES, and I will probably embarrass myself in some way, but whatever. (And my MOM and 3RD GRADE TEACHER will be there so there will definitely be no cursing.)
I'm kinda going to meander all over the place, topic wise, but I will be focusing on what the fabric design process consists of, how I conned my way into the fabric design, my design inspiration, and the tiny crumbs of insight I've picked up along the way. I'm really excited.
(I know the previous sentence might have seemed sarcastic, because it had no exclamation point, but it was not. It just seemed redundant! To have an exclamation point! On such an exclamatory sentence! I AM EXCITED!)
 So! You should come, if you want! If you've never been to a guild meeting, that's awesome, it is totally not scary. (My default is to be scared of any sort of public assembly I have not previously experienced.) Do not be afraid! And it is free! (Unless you have attended as a guest before, and then I think it costs some money? But first times is free!)

Thursday, April 11th
7-9:00 pm
Roeland Park Community Center
4850 Rosewood
Roeland Park, KS 66205

And did I mention that Marmalade Fabrics is sponsoring this meeting? Meaning, there will be FABRIC for sale? It's a fact. Look it up. (There's nowhere to look it up, so just trust me.)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Thread Rainbow.

 Thrift store thread. Don't ever use it! It is SEWING MACHINE POISON!
But it sure is pretty.
Someone was THRIFTY.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Stack O' Monday Fabric Sunshine.

Someday these will be a quilt. That's the plan. But for now, they're just really, really pretty.
That is all.