Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pillow-Making, Print-Making, and Whatever Else I Remember.

I made a pillow cover. Monumental, right? Actually, in terms of FINISHING A SEWN ITEM, it kinda is. I can't remember the last time I finished something that wasn't for some outside project, something that was just for me to Make and Have. This is it: a pillow. Behold it's squishyness?
I've never made these hourglass blocks before, but I've been dreaming of quilts with them for a while now, so I thought I'd try. I did the 8 HST's at once deal-y, and then smashed them together like they weren't nothin' and did the HST dance. You know the one, yes? It was quite a bit of fun, and my points stayed pointy, all except for two. DON'T LOOK FOR THOSE TWO! It shames me. (Also don't look hard at my couch, it sorely needs some attention from the vaccuum.)
One thing I've thought about more and more lately is this: staged photographs are REEDEEKUUULOUS. Like, of course, this is a pillow on an old crate in front of a chalkboard leaned up against a wall. Because that's TOTALLY where we keep our pillows. Yet somehow, it just doesn't look as wrong as it sounds. Eyes, you are silly geese.
So. I made this print because of this song, and I sorta love them both so much. I don't really have a lot to say about it, but it makes me happy, and I feel a bit calmer when I catch a glimpse of it. I made meeself a desktop background, and if you wants to, you can download one by clicking at the"free thingies" tab at the top o' the page.

Desktoppy versions (download larger on the "free thingies" page):

'Tis all I can think of! Adieu!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Huge (Formerly) Secret Project.

I've been photographing a book.
Like, a whole book, that will have pictures on every. single. page. Actually, more like between 1-6 pictures on every. single. page. That is MANY pictures. And I've been meaning to blog about it FOREVER, but my act has just never gotten itself together (responsibility, dodged!) and so, well, here it is: I've been taking pictures.
Shea. I've told you about Shea, the magical unicorn, whose coattails I would gladly ride forever, yes? Well, she wrote a book, an HAMAZING book, and she asked me, would you take the pictures, and of course I said YES! OH MY! YES! I WILL! I WILL! I WILL!, you get the idea. What made it even more exciting is who is publishing the book-- Susanne Woods of Lucky Spool Media, who I had met at market several years back, and I knew would be awesome to work with. 
It's called School of Sewing, and I want to shouw you every single picture in the whole book, but I am pretty sure I'm not allowed to do that. It's ingeniously written, and insanely thorough, and I might be biased, but I think it's just about the best sewing reference book that anyone who is learning to sew, or knows how to sew, or is teaching people how to sew could have. It's kinda perfect. I'll quote some of what Shea has said about it:

 There is machine buying advice, the what and why of sewing supplies, a detailed troubleshooting section and it’s filled quotes from actual beginners and I think that is my favorite part. It includes the storyline of my group of eight students who have been learning over the course of the last year!
My greatest hope is that not only will beginners pick up this book, but also experienced sewists looking to teach a friend, neighbor or co-worker to love our craft. The book is designed to tackle one project a month with each building on the skills learned in the previous lesson. The projects are functional, gift-able, and (with the exception of one project) can be made in one class!
Seriously, this project has been so awesome. Exhausting, consuming, and LOTS of work, but above all that, it's just been fun. And as soon as I can show you more, I will; but for now I can just give a few sneaky glimpses into the book, and I hope dig them even half as much as I have dug? (digged? dought?) taking them. Wooha! Bam! Boo-yah! 
All of the exclamations!