Friday, March 16, 2012

Sign Language By The Yard.

Heya. What is this, like, three whole posts in two weeks? Ding ding ding! It's a record! A sad, sad, sad record!
 I'mma be brief though- I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I have the ASL Alphabet fabric available as yardage. It's printed by Spoonflower, like my other digitally printed fabrics, on silky, luscious, Kona cotton. I'm selling it by the yard only, since smaller quantities are available in the screenprinted version.
Some of you might notice (but probably not, actually), that I have finally gotten a NEW PROP. That's right, scissors, you have been temporarily replaced! Measuring tape RULES THE DAY! (It's made by Bohn, and it's the best measuring tape ever. Just trust me.)

There are eight colors available for your consideration: Olive Green, Tangerine, Red Orange, Eggplant, Sea Blue, Turquoise, and Dark Charcoal. The pictures are obviously not in order. And I don't know why I capitalized the color names, but I'm too lazy to go back and undo it. Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Fabric in zee etsy shop. Linkage!

It is SO PRETTY in Kansas City right now, people. It is DISTRACTING, and awesome.
(Just kidding, scissors. I could never live without you.)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winner! Other Stuff!

(The following photo is totally irrelevant to this post. But I love it. And I never talk about happy little woodchuck, but he deserves his day in the sun. )
Ok, really, your haikus were awesome. And I should have mentioned, probably, that I was going to draw randomly and it was not a poetry-dance-battle... so hopefully the fierce competition didn't keep anyone from entering. In any case, the random number picker has spoken, and it doth declare that the winner is...

Abby, of the delightful blog Orange Peel! Who write this lovely little ditty:

(Can a haiku be called a ditty? Is that the way ditty is spelled? The world is indeed full of mysteries.)

So! Thank you all for entering, I wish I could send you all the things, but I do not have that many pouches. And, speaking of pouches, I made another one from Jeni's awesome pattern, and wrote about it over here on Bon Bon Atelier's blog. I made some minor additions to the pattern, so check it out if you're so inclined- they really are fabulous and quick-ish little things to make.
Also, I have been On The Internest! I am calling it the internest from now on, because I like it, and because isn't it TIME for another ridiculous thing to call it? Do you guys remember when we all called it the World Wide Web? Which, I guess we still do, in URL form, but we said ALL THOSE WORDS to describe it, all the time. No longer: it is now the internest, to me anyways.

Wait, I was talking about something? Yes, I was tooting my proverbial horn. Sorry. I was on True Up, which is awesome because I love Kim and I love True Up. Here on the Visual English Alphabet, and here, on the custom fabric, including the Theo pattern. Also, Jennifer of Secondhand Dinosaur did a mention of my ASL fabric, as well as Samarra Khaja's. (Which, ok, when her fabric came out several months ago, I was all, DRAT, I am TOO LATE! But then I decided not to trash all of my sad little hands, and went ahead with it. The world can hold approximately 50,000 cat fabrics, it can handle 2 ASL prints.) And Ara Jane, of you know what I love? posted some lovely photos of the fabric, as well as the fabric that her adorable daughter Ingrid inspired.
Also, can we talk about how happy this makes me? Someday I hope to see my name on selvedge, but it is just as satisfying to have my name be a tag on True Up.

OK! I am done showboating. But thanks for listening, and for haikuing, and for generally being awesome people. Your hair looks nice today, did you get it cut?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, I Am Very Very Late. But I'm Gonna Give You Stuff, Maybe.

I am lame and sometimes disappear, but this time I come back bearing gifts. So, I said I was going to do a giveaway, and then SOMEHOW the prize did not make itself (lame!), and SOMEHOW the photos did not take themselves (double lame!), and SOMEHOW I did not write the post. It's all very unfortunate.

But the time has come, and I have THINGS for you to WIN! In honor of having 1000+ etsy sales*, I am giving away this little drawstring pouch, made with my new ASL fabric, and it comes with a delightful stash of  Aunt June scraps to boot! (I love saying "to boot". So Canadian, so hilarious. Eh?)

I made the pouch from this AMAZING tutorial written by Jeni of In Color Order. I've made four of them already, that is how delightful they are to make- super sturdy and really satisfying to pull closed- unlike most drawstring bags, they actually STAY tightly closed without having to tie any knots!

Anywayyyyyys, This IS a giveaway post, so I suppose I should tell you how you can win Zee Prize... To continue my tradition of ridiculous entry requirements, leave a comment on this post in the form of a haiku. It's WAY easier than limericks, and you really put out some fabulous limericks in the last giveaway. If you need a refresher, a haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that consists of 17 syllables, in three lines that follow the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables again. Sometimes they're very deep and meaningful, but usually not when I write them. (When I write them, they tend to be about things like farts. I am classy.)

So! Haiku onward! I shall draw the winner on Monday, and contact them via email. In order to allow me to do this, PLEASE make sure that your email is entered in when you make a comment, otherwise I get a no-reply email address, which makes me sad, and you sad, and the world cries. SO, in your blogger account, go to your dashboard> edit profile> and click "show my email address". The world sighs in relief!

*By the way, do not be very impressed by this. Most of the sales are from the calendar, which, while I love it dearly, makes approximately $3.25 per sale. Which is AWESOME, and I am super fortunate for all the sales, but to be sure: I am not rolling about in my giant pile of etsy moneys. Do not be impressed.