Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Bits.

I don't really have a ton of stuff to say, but I have some pictures, and I think that might be enough to do a blog post. Prepare for the random!Item number one: I have been working on a City News quilt for a while, since the Cherri House workshop I took in October. It has been slow going, for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is that I was doing it as a sample for work. Which, is fine, but the way my brain works, the second that I HAVE to finish something, is the minute that I start avoiding that something, however pleasant it may be. Self-sabotage much? The other big holdup was that I was terrified to quilt it, seeing as it's the largest thing I have ever quilted. I know it can be done, awesome people do it all the time, but I was super intimidated by it. FORTUNATELY, I know people. Robin, a friend from the quilt shop I work at, offered to teach me how to use her long-arm, and let me do the quilt at her house. I have long harbored ambitions of doing some longarm quilting, and hope to some day take lessons from the awesome Angela as well, so I jumped at the offer. It was awesome. Like seriously, it was amazing to have that kind of freedom when quilting. At first it was terrifying, but once I got into a rhythm, it was just the best. thing. ever. Also, Robin is just fabulous to hang out with, and her house and studio are amazing, and I got to eat bean soup and cornbread and drink Taiwanese tea with she and her mother. It was the best. And I am really happy with the way the quilting turned out, despite the shaky start!Next item on the list: I have a dog, and he is adorable. Also, I have the most self-indulgent pet-photo blog ever.And these pictures, they are the result of me wandering around the house and craft room. Really no point to them at all. Slowly getting over the Januaries, plan on rocking it in the Februaries, folks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quilt Guild Changed My Life.

It's a running joke between Shea and I that eventually we will have t-shirts made, "Quilt Guild Changed My Life", and "God Bless Google Reader". They will sell like hotcakes within our circle of friends, for sure. But, I am getting a bit ahead of myself, and this is a big sappy mushy post, so I will try and take it from the beginning, so.A year ago today was the organizational meeting for the KC Modern Quilt Guild, organized by Shea, Jacquie, and Tula, and attended by myself and 33 other folks. It was nerve-wracking to be meeting a bunch of quilt people in person, since there are times when I begin to feel like I only exist on the internet. Not really, but you know what I mean... fortunately there was at least one person I had met before (HEY LAURA!), so I wasn't totally terrified. In any case, it was new and exciting and it required me to put on real shoes, so a definite move forward in my creative pursuits.

I remember leaving the meeting all glow-y and excited, having met so many people who I connected with in a way that I wasn't used to- it seems strange now to think that at that point I didn't really know any other quilters IN REAL LIFE, but it was kindof true. And i feel like I am being really rambly about this whole thing, but the fact is that being in this guild, from the very beginning, and getting to know the people I know because of it, has had a very large and concrete impact on the course of my life. I have the job I have now because of quilt guild. I am still working on designing fabric because of quilt guild. Lots of the people who I consider good friends? Know them because of quilt guild. It's difficult for me even to write this, because I don't feel like I can possibly convey HOW MUCH this group of people and set of circumstances has changed my life.
This is how many joy-cats the KCMQG has brought to my heart.

SO anyway,switching off the mushy, this is just a post for me to say how much I appreciate everyone who is involved with this great big ol' Modern Quilt Guild movement. The ladies in LA who started it, Tula, Shea, and Jacquie, who conspired to bring it to KC; Jamie, Jenny, Shea and Jacquie, my fellow officers, who make things like putting together bylaws fun, and ALL the awesome people who continue to come to meetings, and are willing to speak with me in real life. You are awesome. For me, it has taken a while to figure out where I'm going in my life, creatively and "career"-wise, and while I am nowhere near having all of that figured out, I know I am a lot closer because of the people I have met through guild. This all seems a bit awards-show-speachy, but it's true. I should go through all of our members and say what I love about them, but there are 96 of us now, and I am too lazy. But, thanks. You're awesome. I'ma let you finish, but-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Everything!

I am awful at doing things on a deadline, so I consistently fail to do posts that relate to holidays. I apologize for this now, and wish you a late and pre-emptive Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. ENJOY! I think there might be other holidays, but if I can't remember them, how pressing can they really be? Anyway, now I have exposed myself for the curmudgeon that I am, and I have nothing much else to say. Or, I do, but it is a bunch of long stories, and I am too lazy to type them all out right now, but here are some pictures I took? You are being photodumpedupon.
Brian made fried chicken, and I have been sewing, and Baxter has been sitting on things, and Rufus has gotten much better at posing for pictures. To tell you the truth, blogfriends, I am having a bit of trouble getting back on the proverbial horse. And it isn't like I fell off of it, it's just that at some point after my last dismount, my head got stuck in a puddle of Januaryness, which has never seemed Exciting and New to me as much as it feels Cold and Long. Also, the backlog of things I have done but haven't shown you? It is long, and exhausting to think about, and then I consider all the work I still have in front of me, and, Ugh. January. Apologies for what a bummer this post is... anyone want to skip out and hit Australia with me?