Monday, December 21, 2009

The Overdue Book Calendar!

Ah! Ok, so I have been working on this project (read: procrastinating) for quite some time, and I am really really really really happy to have it done and out in the world. Reading is great, right? I am assuming everyone here knows how, because, well, yeah. So literacy, and three cheers for it, and all that, but books are Expensive, and so we need libraries. As some of you may know, I am deeply enamored with a certain Canadian(a) book blogger, and happened to one day wonder how she managed to borrow so many books without dying of late fees. Because, I, my friends, am plagued by late fees. My husband worked for the KC Public Library for 5 years, and as an employee had a get-out-of-late-fees-free-card, but I still managed to accumulate some $50 worth of fees, despite the fact that he checked out most of my books for me. Which is to say that if I TOUCH a library book, I automatically will owe at least $1 for it eventually. So, I thought, what would make it easier to keep track of these things? And THUS was BORN the 2010 Overdue Book Calendar! Fanfare! Shouting! Bored Silence! You pick! In any case, it is a GREAT last minute gift for any readers on your list, and since it is sold as a PDF it comes QUCK and you can print as many as you want for all those random aunts you never remember are going to be there. Here you are, Aunt Lillian! Oh, you can't read? Well, it is still pretty! Enjoy!
It has books, you see!?! And you label them, with the books that you check out! And then you write in the due date, and you circle it, and it is PRETTY! And you can KEEP it, to prove to people that you can read! I feel pretty dorky to be so excited about this kind of silly little project, but I do love the way the final product came out, despite all the gnashing of teeth that comes with any extended bout of Photoshop editing. Our computer loves to freeze, my friends, but only when you've just gone 45 minutes without saving your changes.
If you are interested, they are EEEEN the etsy shop, for a measly $4 for as many as you can print. You will get instructions to download the PDF emailed to you within 24 hours of the order being made. I had mine printed at a color copy place, but that's just because I like their fancy paper. ENJOY! and GOODNIGHT!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi Blog!

Hi! Remember me? We used to party a bit, back in the day... Uhm, December 3rd, to be exact. I really will eventually write the craft fair summary post, but today I am to lazy, and also have these adorable pictures of My Children. Rufus's nickname (or one of them,) is Muppet Face, I think this photo makes it clear why. Baxter loves to pass by Rufus and wrap his tail around Rufus's neck. Is this a thing that cats do? I suppose so, as the cat does it. This is some stretchin' for the ladies, Lottie and Millie. Note the little kitty paw in the upper right corner.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liberty of London for Target

(Image has absolutely no relevance, but I cannot post without one.)

Ok, so I typically am not a blog that is all, Oh, I will buy this thing, because this thing is so good and you should want it too. Because I TRY not to be too wanty about stuff, and not get reoccupied with brands and that sort of thing but O.M.G., Liberty of London for Target, people. And not just clothes, but home decor and organization and BICYCLES and lingerie and kids stuff and GARDENING EQUIPMENT? And I know I'm feeling that somewhat gross crazy consumerist itch all over, but I am EXCITED. I have been obsessed with Liberty fabrics for a while now, but could never justify it. But Target, Target you sly fox, you. You have made my shopping dreams (potentially) come true.

However I need to remember not to get my hopes up, at least not until I see some pictures. I remember the Orla craziness, and I got uber excited, and then went in and... well. Eh. It was good stuff, but I just didn't really NEED any of it, and wasn't so in love with it that I could pretend I did. I ended up with two plastic cups and a laundry bag that I got on sale. Is this going anywhere? Probably not. Are you kids excited for this? Are you already planning Black-Friday-esque morning raids on March 14th? Are you slobberng over the thought of a Liberty bike? Are you dying to know if they will sell curtains? (Fabric! FABRIC, PEOPLE!)