Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Quilt, For Real.

This is the quilt I finished weeks ago for little baby Murphy, who I have yet to meet, but soon, I swear, I will take this to her. As soon as I am done gazing at it longingly, that is. I want a giant one, which, I suppose I could make, but I would rather just have someone invent a machine that makes small quilts larger. Rick Moranis, anyone?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vote for Rachel!

OK, so, I know I am a terrible blogger and I never post anymore, and I know when I do it is seldom relevant or craft related, and almost never interesting, BUT, if anyone is still reading this, than there's a good chance that person knows who my friend Rachel is, and if they don't, they certainly should, because she's uber awesome, and the reason that I am writing this, the world's longest run on sentence.
Anyway, Rachel hasn't mentioned it on her blog, because, I think, she is too sweet or humble, or feels it would be cheating, but she is a finalist in Design*Sponge's Lena Corwin Printing By Hand Contest, and by God, I want her to win, if only so I can go over to her house later and fondle her winnings. Also, she totally deserves it, because how incredible is her wall, and the girl has two kids. I can't manage to sweep my floors, and I only have animals to keep alive. So. VOTE NOW!
And, just to prove how wildly irrelevant I am, here are three pictures of my cat, air swimming.

Friday, July 18, 2008


We got scared of Chicago and left after only 2 days. Sorry, Peter, and Sorry, suggestion folk. I don't know how to drive. We went to Milwaukee instead. Random photos? Yes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, It Happened.

Yep. And just like I thought it would. "Ohh", I thought. "I'm sewing so fast! I'm so great at sewing! Sew great! HA! Look at how fast I can sew!" And that was when I sewed through my finger. But just a little bit. I was fortunate, especially compared to some other people's stories, but man, it does hurt the ego. And what hurts worse is that I broke my needle, so I have to thread a new one. I think that hurts the most.