Monday, January 26, 2009


Two posts in January? Really? I am lame. Part of my NY's Resolutions was to limit computer time to an hour a day. Most school days I have succeeded, though weekends are generally not as policed. Anyway, I had no intentions of neglecting le blog so much, but it has happened. I am still alive.
So, fabulous Michelle at Oilcloth Junkie has challenged herself to use one pattern a month for the rest of the year, and I have tentatively joined her. I say tentatively, because I might flake out by next month, but this month, I actually sucked it up, cut into one of my saved patterns, (who am I kidding, all my patterns are "saved") and made something that remotely resembles clothing. Not nice clothing, but tolerable apparel. And, it was my first time successfully (relative term) using a knit fabric, so, bonus points! Ding Ding! (It's the brown thing, not the jacket. If I could make jackets I would give myself so many dings I would be unable to bear all the noise.) As you can see, the results are best when worn beneath layers, as the sleeves are a bit more poofy than I really care to let anyone know. I dig the pattern, but left on it's own, it is a tad muu-muu-esque. Whatever. I'm proud. And I actually wore it to work, and no one asked me if I had made it myself! Of course, I know it's what they were all thinking, but, they were too polite to ask! More bonus points? I think so!
(Pictures of me are dorky; I look like a dork. It's that ridiculous smile thing. Apologies, profuse ones.)

Monday, January 5, 2009

We Rearranged.

We rearranged our office. Do you care? No. Are you going to see photographic evidence? If you are still reading this, probably so.

Also, I know a lot of you have suspected it for a while, but Baxter lays out my quilts.He also designs them. Amazing, isn't he? I mean, no thumbs. An inspiration to us all.