Friday, February 6, 2009

World of Fashion.

Yup. I am now officially one of THOSE people. Not that I expect I will be steppin' out in any handmade outfits anytime soon, but my pattern stash just increased EXPONENTIALLY.
Ok, so it is insane to get one of these in the mail, while it is fabulous, it is also a bit crushing, knowing that even if you quit your job and stopped eating and speaking you would only ever be able to finish 1/2 of these patterns before the next issue comes. But, whatever.
I have to say, as excited as I was, I was TERRIFIED when I opened it up to this page. You see what I'm saying here? Should blue floral capri pants exist? No, Burda WOF, they should not. Also, the women who are whipping these up seem to have a real affinity for leopard print that I do not share. Anyway, after getting through the initial shock of seeing the scary flat version of the clothes, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the photography and fashion "story" format of the magazine. How AWESOME is that lace jacket? So awesome. And maybe when I wear it I will look like an intense German model, right? There are several of these patterns I will Definitely (cough) think about making. And, then, six months later, actually make. If the stars are aligned, and the moon is in retrograde. Promise.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Amazement and Announcements.

Ok, so you know when you have a camera that you love, but you're getting a new camera, and you think, well, it will be better, but how much better can it really be? After all, a camera is a camera, it's the operator that makes the difference. NOT TRUE. Maybe I am the only one who thought that way, and I surely shouldn't have, having worked with many many cameras of varying awesomeness, but the Nikon takes the cake.And, of course, it is all about lenses, and this lens makes me cry for the wonderfulness. Long story short, I got it, I love it, I clutch it to my chest when I sleep, and while I will still take a depressing amount oh photographs of my cat, they will be INCREDIBLE.
Sigh.Announcement is this: I have neglected my etsy too long, and so I am cutting some prices on quilts and such, and have put some sweet little fabric bundles in the shop. I have realized that I have an insane abundance of delightful prints in my fabric stash, which is great, but, guess what? I almost exclusively use solids. D'oh.They're the good stuff, all high-quality vintage and modern stuff, and they are 2 1/2 yards for $14. It's a good deal if you are stash building, and come on, you need a good deal, it's a recession.