Monday, July 29, 2013

ADD, Whining, Project-Limbo, and an Actual Quilt.

I have the attention span of a gnat. Actually, I take that back-- I doubt gnats have enough of an inner monologue to BE distracted. Probably if they have a gnat-language, they're just thinking Don't die, fly around, eat things, continue not to die. Good thinking, gnats.
But me, I get distracted easily, and I am very good at forgetting things. And while I have almost 30 years worth of coping mechanisms (So! Many! Lists!) and a bottle full of (Legally acquired!) magic pills, I still manage to let things just fall out of my head; plop! shwish! gone.
 Which is a problem when I am working on projects that cannot be revealed during-the-makings. I want to be like, Look! I'm MAKING a THING! Do you like it? Is it awful? How should I do this thing or that thing? But I can't, because there are Timelines and Official Release Dates and whatnot. And, that's fine, but it means that by the time something can actually be shared, I've usually kind of forgotten it. Plop! shwish! gone.
And lately, it makes me feel like Nothing Is Ever Done, because even when it is ALMOST done, there is still editing and proofing and ok'ing and printing and whatever else to be done. And there's also the lurking possibility that it might never see the light of day, anyway. It's a pretty BLERG-y feeling sometimes, though for the most part it's not a big deal, because after all, what I'm getting to do is really fun. Fun! In limbo! Limbo-fun!
But TODAY, there is something that is not-done-but-enough-done to share at least a few photos, and I haven't even forgotten it yet! It feels delicious. So: I was lucky enough to be asked to submit a quilt for the first book published by My Stars, a new imprint of Kansas City Star Quilts, and while I can't show you the whole shebang, I can give you at least a few sneaky peeks. To prove, you know, that I actually still know how to sew.
 Look! I MADE a THING! Please note the almost-neat-ish nested seams, if you will. Those made it quite a bit easier to quilt, and allowed me to feel very smug. Perfect, they are not, but they're good enough for me.
I quilted it with wobbly-doodles. That's an technical term. Really.

And if you have a chance, check out the My Stars blog to read about the books other contributors, they're all totally better at quilts than I am, and I'm still surprised that they let me in. Also, Jenifer Dick, the exclusive editor of My Stars Quilts and my fellow KCMQG peep, will be on Pat Sloan’s American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast live today at 4 p.m. Eastern. Click here to catch the show live or listen later.

I've realized how much I overuse the word BAM, so today I'm going with something new.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Buy Uno! Get Uno! Freeeeeeeeee!

I'mma be brief, but I wanted to tootle my "sale" horn and let you know that from now until August 8th, all prints in my etsy shop are buy one get one freesies. So, Now Is The Time, or something like that. Make your walls not-as-naked? That's the new name of the sale, the Anti-Wall Nudity Act of 2013. BAM!
Here's how I'm working it: just tell me what you would like for your free print in the "notes" section when checking out, and you will receive it (in the same size) with your purchased print. This includes the custom ASL prints-- choose either a duplicate print of your custom print, or any other print in the shop.
Also, I've added a new addition to the Woodgrain Herringbone family, a spiffy graphic black and white cousin, for the tone-on-tones to play with.