Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Looks Like Rain

Have I mentioned that I kill plants? Not on purpose, of course, but it is what always seems to happen...Baxter clearly doesnt approve of my lack of horticultural skills.It looks like its about to rain...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lots Of Fruit.

I'm not lying. I'm mostly just going to post pictures of fruit.... It's been kind of slow around here lately. I have made three baby bibs, all of which I gave away before photographing...This one is still in the works, so I decided t snap it before it is finished and I give it away without photographing. Naughty.How is it that little cat tails always get into my pictures of apples?And cat noses in my pictures of pears?It is a mystery, for sure.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kitty Quilt, and I Am Sorry.

Oy. I am the worst blogger ever. Apologies, and some pictures, including "Kitty Quilt", which is what you make when your cat gets irritated with your cheap-litter-buying habits and decides to pee on your favorite chair. Sad, sad, sadness. But we've made up, become consistent with litter brands, and have almost forgotten the $75 vet bill to be told my pet is a spoiled brat.

I just can't get enough of thrift store trays and tiny tiny apples.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Recent Events and Fabulous New Rugs

It's been an exciting past couple of days, I must say, lots of stuff happening at work, a few craft projects completed, some spring cleaning, thrifting, and decorating... I'm far too lazy to type, so here it goes, in pictures!New Rug! B and I went there on a whim, after going to Paper Source, and discovered this wonderful and rather inexpensive rug there... a 5x7 rug with a great orange print for $70? Yes, please.You might have bee wondering, how Baxter feels about the new rug? We think he likes it.Invitations for the fish fry/cookout we're having at work. As soon as I found out about the party, I said, "I'll make invitations!"....met with dead silence. Apparently, in this day and age, paper invitations are a thing of the past. Will that stop me? No. I had the idea, and just could not live without seeing my beer-fish invites realized. Thought they were kind of a headache to cut out... The text will be on the round mustard color labels you can kind of see in the pictures, and will be stuck on the back. Martha may not approve, but they sure do make me happy.Speaking of things making me happy... how about this tin for 25 cents! It is now being used to hold a bunch of junk, uhm, I mean, valuable small items that I had sitting in a basket, looking a bit exposed and messy. I love it. Isn't the pattern great?And look at the side!Look at these tiny apples I picked up at the Asian supermarket! Aren't they cute? And they taste really good too, very sweet and crisp. Also, the cup is another 10 cent thrift store find. I also got two really great blue blouses that were Delta flight attendant uniforms for 1.49 each. I'm planning on doing some recon on those though, maybe give them a little appliqué loving.Here are two of my most recent projects, both in the etsy shop. Ive been on kind of a blue/green kick lately, can you tell?And this little keychain will be going out to my second etsy customer. I'm really enjoying making these, even though they take a bit too long for their size..
That's all for now. Tomorrow, I will recount the recent Baxter drama, that led to the loss of $75, a little bit of my dignity, and the creation of a "cat quilt". Also, my fabulous new apron! Anticipate, internet, anticipate.