Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winner! And Vote! And Stuff!

I love you all. Really, I do. And I wish I could give you ALL fabric, but I am poor and so I had to use the randomometer to pick one of you...So congratulations, Elle, of Elle in da coop! You will get a FQ of the seafoam green boats!
I actually ended up entering the black and white version of the boats, despite the fact that the majority of you said blue. The B+W was a close second, and since the repeat is fairly small, I wanted something that would be very readable in the small preview that is given. So, if you would like, friendsies, please go and VOTE for me! There is a lot of really good stuff in the running, and you should vote for that stuff too, but when you vote for me, you should MEAN it more. Have I mentioned you should vote? Vote here? Is this pathetic? Yes. Am I ashamed? Just a little. Will that stop me? Does it ever? (No. Ask my husband.)
In other. non-ego-driven news, I am participating in a craft fair this weekend, the Honeypot Shop, put on by the Wedding Hive. If you're KC folk, you should come down and check it out, because otherwise I will be lonely, and also, there are going to be a LOT of really cool stuff there. I have been drooling over some of the vendors work online, and am hoping I can control myself and not spend all my change money on goodies for me. It's my first outdoor show, so I invested in one of those canopy things, and tonight I practiced putting it up and taking it down all bys myselfs. It was a roaring success (Up in 15 min, down in 5,) which is a huge relief.
I am elsewheres on the interweb, in little bits and pieces; Jeanee of Dirty Laundry interviewed me for her series "THE WASH, crafty chicks come clean", which will be up next Sunday, but she did a little teaser... and a photo of mine was used in this article by Dotty Logic (who's stuff I ABSOLUTELY ADORE!) about digital fabric printing.
I promise that soonish I will be back with posts that are ever-so-slightly less self centered, and more crafty. I have been sewing like a madperson for all the shows I have lined up (three in a six week period, I am a moron, no?) so casual photographing and musing have been lower on the priority list. Also, have I mentioned that my house is still not unpacked? Yeah, there's that, too. I will be sane again one day, I promise.

Monday, June 14, 2010

You Want Free Fabric? Yeah, I Thought So.

Here's the deal, my friends: I am going to enter a Spoonflower contest-thingie, but I need your help. I always PLAN on entering these things, but suddenly the deadline is up and I haven't scanned anything, and I feel all failure-y and lazy, but NOT NEXT WEEK! Because next week's theme is NAUTICAL. You see where I'm going with this? BUT, I am terribly indecisive, and need your help picking out which boats color I should submit... Have an opinion? Well, even if you don't you should make one up and pretend you care, becaue I will be drawing a winner from everyone who makes a suggestion, and that lucky duck (uhm, what? Did I type that, for real?) will get a FQ of the color they chose! It's free stuff, people! And you don't even have to write a limerick this time! You are getting off EASY, people!
Also, I should mention that my internet ears have been burning a little bit. First, the super-inspiring Ara Jane mentioned me on her blog, You know what I love? Look at the post where she re-folds all her fabric. It's beautiful, and makes me tired just THINKING about doing something like that. Many's the time I have wished that there was a little more OCD in my blood, and a little less rather-watch-tv. That's a disorder, right? RWTV? Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, so, Ara Jane is the bomb (Yeah, I'm bringing that back), and THEN I was also mentioned on the Ric Rac Roundup website! I am really lucky to be a part of the RRR this year, there are so many AWESOME folks involved in it! A lot of the crafters I have always admired in the KC area are involved, so if you live around here you should totally show up for it. THERE WILL BE ORGANIC SNOWCONES, PEOPLE. There will be PLUSH LOGS and CUPCAKE BATH FIZZIES and HAMMERPRESS and AMAZING JEWELRY. I would go even if I wasn't schlepping. It's being put on by the girls at Bon Bon Atelier, who are seriously cool, and have also started a ning group for their Summer of Craft, which I am participating in, if I ever manage to pull my sewing machine out of the moving-rubble. You should sign up too, because who doesn't want to be a joiner? AND, back to the original thought train, which was "people on the internets who love me, or pretend to because they are polite", the fabulous Jennifer, who i know from KCEtsy and from her being the nicest person in the world, mentioned me on her blog Trellis today! Jennifer is an arborist, and a painter, and a sewer, and an everything else-er, and did I ever tell you the story about her sending me the best little things ever? No? Well, I WILL, but not tonight, because my neck hurts and I am having a RWTV attack. But she is the nicest human being, and I will tell the story some day, soonish, while it is still floating in my swiss cheese brain.
Ok, so I have smashed a lot of stuff into this post, but do you remember the point of it all? FREE FABRIC! WHICH COLOR!? TELL, NOW!

EDIT: Ok, so, I had forgotten that I turned content moderation on, because I keep getting spammed by asian sexy-lady bots. And for some reason, I hadn't set the thing up to notify me when I needed to moderate, so I was all Eyeored this morning when I thought no one had commented, and no one wanted my fabric. Me = dummy. And comment moderation is off again, so beware of asian sexy-lady bots. AND ALSO, I TOTALLY forgot that Jacquie had mentioned me in her post about the amazing tree quilt she is making which happens to use my feather fabric! Jacquie is obviously the bees knees, and I have been totally spoiled to get to spend a lot of time with her. This is why I usually don't post after 4:00, because my brain turns to evening-soup. Thanks, Jacquie!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Usual Stuff, and New Boats.

When you move, your life becomes about nothing but moving for a week or so, and then it becomes all abut unpacking, and then it becomes about avaoiding packing but realizing you need a lot of the stuff that is still packed. I am in a pretty much constant state of inconvenience, my friends. It took me two days to find my rotary cutter, and I just gave up and bought a new cutting ruler. (But it is SOOO much better than my old one, so that counts as a victory.) Anyway, these pictures should have been taken a week ago, and they should have been posted a week ago, and I should have exclaimed a week ago LOOK! BEHOLD! COLORS! But I will do it now, because better late than never, eh?LOOK! BEHOLD! COLORS! Really, I am pretty enamored with these colors, and I am hoping to use them for a quilt in the near future. I think one of my favorite thing about the boat fabric is how gender-neutral it is, and how cute I think it would be in a baby quilt. And I am sorely overdue in making a baby quilt. EDIT: FOR A FRIEND! Who is NOT me.So, colors, yay! And I am offering the option of "fat sixths" which I am not sure is a thing that exists? But it is a yard printed with 14" x 18" sections of all six colors that the boats come in. I thought it would be a good option for folks who don't need a whole lot of each color, but wanted the variety. So everything is right here in the shop, if you are so inclined.

Going back to the unpacking... I stink at it. I have been wearing the same clothes for two weeks because I am too lazy to unpack the rest. Shows just how much I need all of the things I own, right? And one of the worst things about this whole house-moving-thing is the fact that while we are constantly being confronted with HOW MUCH STUFF we have (too much) we are simultaneously obliged to buy MORE stuff. House stuff, that you don't think about. Toilet paper stands, and fencing, and a garbage disposal, and a lawnmower, and furniture that will HIDE all of our stuff. We were spoiled before by having the attic space where we could stick any stuff we wanted to not think about, but now we have a closet shortage, and can only put things in the basement if we don't mind those things smelling like basement. The battle continues. But Baxter is just as adorable as ever, and is MIGHTY photogenic against the new office wall color.