Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It Is Nice Outside.

It is nice outside is one of the many excuses I have for my recent absence in the crafty part of the world. Because, it is true, and also, it is spring and people are getting married and graduating from things and retiring, and so I have gotten almost my fill of cheese cubes and the like. But anyway, this weekend, I finally promised that I would do something crafty, or....else. I never think of really good ultimatums for myself, which is probably why I so often ignore my own decrees. But! A quilt is happening!Do you know what kind of quilt it is? (Not that I expect you to care, it is just a cheap trick for me to see if anyone cares enough to guess. Which isn't hard, because I have only ever made three kinds of quilts. Mmm.)
Also, headline news, I made cookies this weekend. They were, honestly, rather disappointing. However, since I am incapable of doing anything without requiring photographs be taken (!), Brian was kind enough to photo me making cookies. Brian is nice. So, cookies, not so hot, sorry Donna Hay, but rolling dough-balls? Hours o' fun.