Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Bad Way to End a Weekend

SO I finally sewed something, and it came out looking, I think, pretty great, and it was my first time doing french seams on a bag and I didn't totally mess it up, so I should be pleased, right? I should be resting on my happy, "I made something today" laurels, right? But I'm not, because the REAL goal I had for today was to make a t-shirt, the most basic t-shirt possible, and so I cut out my pattern, and I started putting it together and &%&%*&$%&$%&*&*&*%$&^%$&%** serger, you piece of &*&$*^*&*&^*^&&*##@# is all I have to say.
(It's actually a nice serger, given to me by the husband as a wedding gift, and I'm very lucky to have one at all, but after re-threading it twice and then having a needle bend, I'm about to chuck it out the window. I don't know how to get the needle out!! I don't know how to put a new one in!! Gaaah, etc.)


misschris said...

I'm pretty sure that's how a serger and I would get a long, too. Bummer. Cute bag, though.

jacquie said...

Love the bag. Give the serger a smack for me!

Handpicked said...

not more than an hour ago I was looking at the Babylock Imagine with Automatic Thread Delivery System and thinking it would be a nice place to put my gov. spending check.

Bag is adorable, great color.

Tracy said...

Gah, etc, indeed. That made me smile. Too bad about said serger. I hope you figure it out. :)