Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really, I Can Hardly Believe How Lame I Have Become.

Well, no, I can believe it. But I'm sad about it anyway. My "crafting" has turned into "excessive fabric purchasing" and my "craft blog" has become an animal portrait studio. Oh well. Today was a beautiful rainy day, and I am sitting in our newly re-organized (well, not re-, just organized) office, letting the cool spring breeze in while the animals sleep, and it's hard to get TOO disappointed about my lack of productivity. So, more animal photos, more fabric purchases without destinations, and, sewing? What's that?


meg said...

I have that grey dashed fabric as well and love it to bits. take as many gratuitous photos of it as you wish.

Tracy said...

Well, I like crafting, but I certainly don't mind pet photos either. And I am quite often guilty of buying fabric that doesn't have a purpose. Ahem.