Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tea Towel Calendar, Quiltystyle.

Dudes. I made a tea towel calendar. I have a crush on it.
But I'm really sleepy, so I'm going to be THE LAMEST BLOGGER and paste some of the copy from the etsy listing, because I am out of words.
Commence the shameful copy+paste-ing...
  Guys, I love tea towels. Or kitchen towels, or dish towels, or whatever you call them, I AM A FAN. And I've always been fond of tea towel calendars, because, the idea of it amuses me: 2013! How quaint! How specific! How worthy of commemoration, that another year has passed! Let's all dry our dishes with it!
And quilts, who doesn't love a happy little quilt? Maybe some people, but those people also do not love tea towel calendars, I bet. I like them, so I drew one, and then put it ON a tea towel, WITH a calendar, so the aforementioned haters can just put THAT in their pipe and smoke it! I think it'd be great for a gift, too... Even if you yourself do not enjoy quilts or tea towels, surely you know someone who has wet things that need to be dried off, right?
Because your dishes need to get dry, folks. I might be doing you a favor.


annie said...

purely awesome

rachel said...

Lauren, you are the only blogger I Follow who calls her faithful readership 'Dudes'.

Another reason why I love you.

PS Time for a Baxter post, maybe?

heather said...

I love a tea towel calendar! Yours is gorgeous!

CitricSugar said...

That is the prettiest tea towel calendar I have ever seen.