Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Sale, Black-Friday-Style.

 Well, first off, Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! And Happy Thursday, other humans! I hope you are all having a fun and hopefully relaxed day with people you're fond of. It's a day for gratitude and thankfulness, so I apologize for the following semi-commercial interlude, but I wanted to tell you, reaaaaallllll quick-like, that I am going on sale. And, well, it won't be TOTALLY Black Friday style, because there will be no mobs or human crushings or cheap electronic devices or throwback TV series DVD sets, but, you know. I'm not that ambitious.
Ok, so. Here's the deal: I haven't been able to sell fabric for a while now, and so of course! some of the prints have made the rounds on pinterest and I am getting requests for them and it KILLS me to say, oh, yeah,  sorry, can't, no. Firstly, because I desire the approval of EVERYONE ON EARTH, and secondly, because I like trading goods for money. It's kinda what I do, I guess?

BUT. What I can do is sell finished goods, made of my fabric. And remember how I mentioned, not too long ago, that I love me some tea towels? Yeah, you know where this is going.
ASL tea towels, my friends! In 7 happy colors! I tweaked the design to make the hands stand out and add a bit more color,  and I kind of love it. Not that I'm biased or anything. (I am.)

And I didn't forget the boats, or ships, or whatever you call your sailing vessels... All of these are printed, like the calendar, on Spoonflower's linen/cotton blend, and squish up and wrinkle in that perfect way that only linen can. Both ASL and boat tea towels are $18 each.
But I digress. Not only are there many new goodies in the shop, but from this Friday, (November 23rd, also known as Black Friday, also known as the Worst Day Ever to Need Thread at JoAnn), until the end of the day Monday (November 26th, also known as Cyber Monday, also known as the only day of the year my husband buys video games) I will be sportin' these dealzzz:

All PRINTS, buy 1 get 1 FREE! (same size or smaller)
All TEA TOWELS, buy 3 get 1 FREE!
This includes the 2013 Quilt Love Calendar Tea Towel, so if you want to pick some up as gifts, this is the best time to do it!

How the Game is Played: Buy the amount of items that will NOT be free, and then in the "notes" section of check-out, tell me which items you want for your freebies. Please, please, please don't buy all the items and then send me convos saying one of them was supposed to be free, or etsy-refund-technicalities will hasten my gradual descent into madness. Por exemplo: You want to buy two prints, and get two free. Put two in your cart, buy them, and then tell me which two you would like for free. Cheers! Or: You want to get a free tea towel- put three in your cart and then write in the note what you would like your fourth to be.

(I apologize for getting all second-grade-teacher on you just then, I know everyone is probably like, "duh, wegetitalready." I'm paranoid, though, and just want to make sure everything goes smoothly and no one ends up paying for stuffs they don't have to.)

(Oh, and, sorry about the delay on these, but tea towels are made to order, and will take approximately 1-2 weeks to ship out. Just so's you know...)

H'anyways. Commercial end, Lauren out, celebrate!

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Anonymous said...

Lauren, you went hooking me into reading your blog, but, sadly, it sits UN updated? What gives, sis? Your readers like you and want you to chime in to, at least, let us know you're okay. Please, for the love of Pete, let your fingers do the walking and send us a line.
Your fan,
Weather Kim in DC