Friday, October 5, 2012

Whatcha doing' tomorrow?

I'm going to be at Katz Midtown Market, with loads of paper goodies that aren't even for sale on etsy yet... New cards, prints, and 13"x19" poster prints, my lovely printbox has been busy this week, earning it's keep.
Aaaaaand, they will all be at discounted local market prices, so, yeah, cheep stuff! There will also be a bunch of other awesome vendors, everything from local produce to baked goods to crafties to new and used books, all inside the historic Katz Pharmacy building, which is currently being transformed into artists' studios and gallery space. It's going to be kinda awesome, methinks?
Anyway, do stop by if you're so inclined, and I can talk your ear off abou Michigan, which may very well be the most beautiful place in the world. I'll be forcing vacation photos on you at some point, as soon as I find the old slide projector...

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