Monday, October 15, 2012

Some Days.

All my drawings stink today.
And 75% of the clothes we own are on the floor of the sewing room, which is soon to be merged with the office, from which two bookcases (AND ALL THEIR BOOKS) and a couch need to be removed.
And before that happens, a piano needs to be moved, but only after a set of 3 lockers have been relocated, but only after everything has been taken out of them and has new places to live.
And there are other things, but I can't even remember what they are; but they add up to Dumb But Overwhelming.

I wish that every day was all sunshine and bluebirds singing and I am eternally super-productive and that every doodle is golden-sauce, but, UGH. Life ain't no ponyfarm. And with you, I am sharing my whine.
It's ok, though. If everything were always awesome, then awesome wouldn't be awesome... Lame days are just prep for sunshine/bluebird/farts-come-out-as-rainbows days. Actually, lame days are SECRET rainbow-fart days that I'm just too dumb to notice.

You can quote me there, friends. Make an inspirational poster, perhaps.

I philosophize deeply!

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CitricSugar said...

I can't see your drawings for evidence of suckage but you have definitely scored high on the vocabulary combination challenge. "secret rainbow-fart day" will stick with me for a looooong time!