Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talk About Missing It.

So, I seriously have to apologize for my absence, and, as a result, the delay in the great floor-lint giveaway. I'm sorry, I have no real good excuse, other than laziness and preoccupation with mobiles. And going to Iowa, but that's another story. In any case, I have a few announcements to make:
And the winners are, courtesy of
Stefanie (Artsy Momma)
Linda P
and Lisa!

Linda and Lisa, I will be emailing you shortly to get addresses, Stefanie, I have yours. I hope to ship all prizey-goodness sometime next week.
Announcement number 2, which is only exciting and/or interesting to me, is that I have a new keyboard, and if you have a Mac but don't have the new flat keyboard, I recommend you go out and gets yourself one immediately, It makes you feel cool, and it really is easier (and faster) to type.Announcement number 3, which is pushing the boundaries of what an announcement should be, is that I FINISHED MY MOBILE! Isn't it pretty? I got a little woodburning thingy. Here's the downside of woodburning: your house smells like burning wood, and you have to open the windows in the middle of winter to insure the fire alarm isn't going to go off.Announcement number 4, if you want to rent a movie, rent "The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters". I can't say enough about how great this film is. Just see it.
Announcement number 5, Thank you all (if there is anyone) for continuing to read my blog, and this post, because goodness knows at this point it must be getting taxing.
Announcement number 6, recently I've had a lot of time spent driving, and I also unearthed all my old (high school and earlier) CD's. What I've learned is that Semisonic albums, particularly Great Divide, which I think holds up really well after 11 years. I don't know if it's sad or not that my current favorite album at 24 is the same as my favorite album at 13.
Announcement number 7, I am officially addicted to
Also, if you want to be made jealous, look at the awesome stuff I received from Kate! Thanks so much! It's all so fabulous!


Marie said...

Fellow addict here. My random word knowledge has at least tripled since my introduction to the site...
Love, love the fish mobile! Makes me itch to try a little wood-burning myself.

Mandy said...

I recently watched King of Kong and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now Netflix thinks I like all documentaries, but really I only like awesome documentaries.

Malka Dubrawsky said...

Announcement#8-I really enjoy reading your blog.

Anonymous said...
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jacquie said...

Love your mobile. So creative...and worth a few minutes of screaming smoke detectors! We are a Mac family...don't you just LOVE a Mac!

Anonymous said...
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AlissaWendy said...

I just received the "quilt" plate and I love it!! Thanks again!!

amy h said...

I just drove through Iowa, too, and there were cars and semis overturned all over the place! The parking lots had about five inches on ice on them. I'm glad I don't live there (and I did at one point).

I have King of Kong sitting around waiting to be watched. Someday.