Sunday, February 3, 2008

Exciting! Fun! Stuff!

Thank you all so much for your response to the new plates. I am in the process of making more quilty girl plates, which I hope will be up by this Wednesday. I apologize that I don't email everyone back who comments, I love to read your comments, but to be quite honest, I'm a bit flaky when returning email to people whom I've known for ten years (sorry Anna), and awful at initiating email. But it really does mean a lot to me that anyone looks at this site at all, let alone comments on it, so thank you, really. In other news,Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst featured my Thermos collection in a series of posts she is doing about collections. Which is awesome because it is awesome, (yeah, makes sense to me), but also because she is one of the best collectors I've seen out there. I mean, seriously, have you SEEN the bundt pan wall? The girl has mad collecting skill, and does beautiful mixed-media work. SO that's cool.
Speaking of collecting, Super Bowl Sunday means fat-quarter sales in my little corner of the world. The picture up at the top is what 40 fat quarters purchased for a dollar each looks like, kids. I'm especially excited about the polka dotty ones, as I've been feeling lately that my life is sorely lacking in polka dots. But not in polka unfortunately. At school, our current PE unit is roller skating, and in addition to the indignity of roller skating my hiney around a gym, the only CD the school seems to own is an old Weird Al record.


meg said...

what do polka dots and football have to do with each other?
strangely enough I think I am related to weird al.

rachel said...

Have just discovered your blog, to my delight, and will read it regularly. But for English readers, what's a fat quarter? I'm old enough to still measure in yards, feet and inches as well as metric, so any combination of answers will do!

laura capello said...

hey! i got fat quarters for a buck too!

for some reason, i grabbed all pastals. i bet that has NOTHING to do with wanting spring to hurry up or anything.

Anonymous said...
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Oil Cloth Junkie said...

wow, the image of kids and adults rollerskating around a gym to a weird al cd really cheered me up.
Thanks, it's been a crappy day.

(oh, I totally understand the email thing. I'm terrible at it)

Amanda Jean said...

I love your new fabric!