Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mail Goodness

Earlier this week, I got the most incredible package from Ebony of Me and the Monsters, but I just couldn't bring myself to interrupt the color week flow. Also, I'm lazy, and was really enjoying not having to type for a while there. But, she sent me a bunch of really incredible stuff, and I need to show it off! The picture above is just a few of my favorites, but she really packed that box full! This was part of Katie's "Use what others have" swap, in conunction with the "Use what you have Challenge". Thats a lot of quotation marks for me, really. you can be sure some of this fabric will be showing up in projects sometime soon... And Ebony, watch out, a box is coming your way, too.


laura capello said...

ooooo... pretty.

(and? can you say "slacker"? i'm such a slacker! geesh.)

Heidijayhawk said...

now that is too cool! love the colors from last week as well!