Sunday, July 1, 2007

What did I do this weekend? Slept. It was rainy and nasty in Kansas City for most of the weekend, and even though we had the best intentions, newspapers and google map printouts to estate sales, we never made it farther than 1/2 price books and then back home for naps. I did pick up a Donna Hay cookbook I'd been wanting at the bookstore, though, and made a little fresh tomato basil sauce from some nice ripe tomatoes (from the store) and fresh basil from the little garden across the street. I felt all good and domestic, although the picture of my stove top clearly indicates that I'm no Martha. Or Donna, for that matter. Sigh. Looking forward to tomorrow and Kayte's Week of Color!


laura capello said...

it was a good weekend for napping. because i barely had the strength to clean.

and mmmmm, you sauce looks yummy.

Chara Michele said...

Your kitty is so cute!

I love 1/2 price books, but we don't have one where we live now:(