Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, I Am Very Very Late. But I'm Gonna Give You Stuff, Maybe.

I am lame and sometimes disappear, but this time I come back bearing gifts. So, I said I was going to do a giveaway, and then SOMEHOW the prize did not make itself (lame!), and SOMEHOW the photos did not take themselves (double lame!), and SOMEHOW I did not write the post. It's all very unfortunate.

But the time has come, and I have THINGS for you to WIN! In honor of having 1000+ etsy sales*, I am giving away this little drawstring pouch, made with my new ASL fabric, and it comes with a delightful stash of  Aunt June scraps to boot! (I love saying "to boot". So Canadian, so hilarious. Eh?)

I made the pouch from this AMAZING tutorial written by Jeni of In Color Order. I've made four of them already, that is how delightful they are to make- super sturdy and really satisfying to pull closed- unlike most drawstring bags, they actually STAY tightly closed without having to tie any knots!

Anywayyyyyys, This IS a giveaway post, so I suppose I should tell you how you can win Zee Prize... To continue my tradition of ridiculous entry requirements, leave a comment on this post in the form of a haiku. It's WAY easier than limericks, and you really put out some fabulous limericks in the last giveaway. If you need a refresher, a haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that consists of 17 syllables, in three lines that follow the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables again. Sometimes they're very deep and meaningful, but usually not when I write them. (When I write them, they tend to be about things like farts. I am classy.)

So! Haiku onward! I shall draw the winner on Monday, and contact them via email. In order to allow me to do this, PLEASE make sure that your email is entered in when you make a comment, otherwise I get a no-reply email address, which makes me sad, and you sad, and the world cries. SO, in your blogger account, go to your dashboard> edit profile> and click "show my email address". The world sighs in relief!

*By the way, do not be very impressed by this. Most of the sales are from the calendar, which, while I love it dearly, makes approximately $3.25 per sale. Which is AWESOME, and I am super fortunate for all the sales, but to be sure: I am not rolling about in my giant pile of etsy moneys. Do not be impressed.


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

fabric fabric love
is my endless obsession
I want some more please

Angie said...

I collect too much
My house is full of fabric
But that's ok, right?

stitchinpenny said...

Love the orange print bag
Scraps add even more pleasure
What a great treasure

Splendorfalls said...

fabric draw string pouch
holder of magnificence
please make me your own

Mary said...

ASL pictures
sharing thoughts without talking
quiet murmurings

ksrunt said...

the fingers they move
telling stories with motion
digits unfold grace

Cathy said...

wow! It is a sign
generous giving
fabric silently speaking

felicity said...

i love that cute bag
made from fabulous fabric
i truly hope you pick me

abby o said...

Pretty drawstring bag
Hands speak to me of fabric
Come to mama, please.

Holly said...

a beautiful bag
my speech pathologist aunt
would love it, i'm sure

Kat said...

I dated your mom
Ex-boyfriend told my daughter
Shut up Psycho Greg

....haiku based on a recent event

beth said...

I love your fabric
your totebags are just perfect
hope to win something

Corinnea said...

Cute bag sweet fabric
Such fantastic artistry
May I have it please

chp said...

quilts are like children
warm, cuddly semblance of love
who will hold you tight

Beth said...

You inspire me, yo!
Your creativity is
pretty astounding!

Marisa said...

making lots of cash
through pretty etsy goodies
my beautiful dream

**nicke... said...

the wind blows outside
all is calm at heart
stitched together with red

p.s. you really should pick Kat as the winner. her haiku was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Pretty bag on knob,
I say come live in my house.
We all will love you.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bag on knob,
I say come live in my house.
We all will love you.

raych said...

Is 'to boot' really
A Canadian saying?
I've lived here too long.

rachel said...

Lovely little bag
But sorry not for me thanks
My house may burst soon

CitricSugar said...

canadian, eh?
we say 'a boot' but we know
our english is our own :-)

Katzenoma said...

my lipstick, a book. all in
my bag on the beach.

patty a. said...

Googled syllable
Forgot what it was - brain fart!
What a pretty bag

Diann said...

This is irresistible. OK, here goes.

sewing and quilting
using my creative mind
thread patterned fabric

Jen B said...

mother of husband
her first language was signing
we miss her very much

Andee said...

signs and fabric I love
colorful gesturing hands that say so much
creative signs to sew with!

Malinda said...

Rarely the winner
I humbly beg to enter
to win that cool bag