Monday, June 30, 2008

Haircut Rufus and Chicago Suggestions Please.

You all are so sweet. Really, if you're willing to read the nonsense that comes out when I type I feel like I should buy you all ice cream. And not only that, but you also uncover the subconscious meaning behind what I do- Cami, I am TOTALLY addicted to Tetris too. I keep an original Gameboy at my bedside, and the only game I own is Tetris. Also, B and I just got Boom Blox this weekend, which is amazing, because it's like REVERSE Tetris. And with all this video game talk is it a suprise that my quilt is sill unfinished? Tragic.But TBV has been put to some use. And I'm not the only one around here who is in awe of his machine-power, as you can see, my sewing assistant is quite smitten with him too.
And have I mentioned, we got a new dog? This is Haircut Rufus. As you can see, he is an entirely different breed of dog than Normal Rufus. We miss the bushy mustache, but it will grow out again soon. Oh, Baxter, what secrets are you whispering into Haircut Rufus's ear?
And speaking of secrets, who wants to tell me where and what the best stuff in Chicago is? We're taking a trip there on Thursday, and so far our itinerary consists of Ikea and the Aquarium and hopefully Pete Cuba's apartment (What say you, Peter?), so we could use a few more suggestions. Craft stores especially, wink wink.


meg said...

you must go to lula cafe. It's the best resturant in town: a little hip, kid friendly, local and organic food, and reasonablly priced.
lula cafe
2537 N. Kedzie Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60647
I sound like an advertisement, but it's really that good.

Unknown said...

I have no idea about Chicago . . . never been that far east (sad - I know) But I love your quilt! I finished one a while back with similar wavy quilting. Lots of fun!
Have a good time in Chicago :)

christy said...

I LOVE CHICAGO! Was just there in mid May. I am going to check back here to see what recommendations are made regarding crafting stores - I'd love to know.
Dinner recommendation -
Cafe Ba Ba Reeba
2024 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614
It's in the Armitage area which has great little shops... you won't regret it! Yummy red sangria.
Your quilt is fabulous... please show us more.

Unknown said...

No crafty suggestions for Chicago (sorry! I go there for the Chinese food!)

I just wanted to let you know I am LOVING the quilting. Cant wait to see the full quilt.

Sarah said...

I live in Chicago and if you want a GREAT quilting store to check out, go see Collette at Quiltology in Lincoln Park! It's closed on the 4th, but should be open Saturday and Sunday. It has wonderful collection of fabrics and a great sewing room. The owner is super nice too! Here are the directions:
Afterward, you can go to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba like christymatnard good!

Lisa said...

no chicago suggestions.
LOVE the rufus photos.
and i TOO love tetris!

Cami said...

Love the new quilt, and I especially love the quilting design you are doing. Very fancy! Sorry about your finger. I think it happens to us all at least once. It is quite painful. Love the new puppy, super cute. I used to have a kitty named rufus! I just love that name. Thanks for the tip on the reverse tetris game. I'll have to give it a try. I used to have a nintendo DS and had to sell it because I would stay up all night just playing "one more quick game" of tetris and I never got any sleep. I still dream about it though.

Cami said...

Oops, one more comment, I've never been to Chichago but I'd love to one day. Hope you have a fun trip and get to see lots of interesting things while you are there.

rachel said...

For an arty tourist view of Chicago and photos too, my friend Roger's blog and flickr entries for March show what a good time he had there. Have a look at

and be glad you're going in the summer!

jacquie said...

Start with breakfast at Toast...also in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Tiny, but fabulous breakfast!
746 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614-3747
Phone: (773) 935-5600
Just off of Halstead.

eve and josh of icecreamlandia said...

quimby's fer zines!
el blue line to damen stop
1854 west north avenue

Chara Michele said...

Baxter & Rufus look like they are fast becoming good friends :) Isn't having a new machine fun!