Monday, October 5, 2009

This Post Has Many Words.

A word post! I have to say, I avoid being text-heavy on the blog as much as possible, because I am a) lazy, b) type slowly, and c) hate to proof read anything longer than four sentences. But, I've had a bunch of stuff swirling around in my head over the weekend, so I am going to go ahead and bloggity blog blog it. Because my husband has heard it all before.
It has been difficult lately to get back to my "personal" projects. More so than ever, when I am sewing, or designing, or whatever, I feel like the end product MUST justify the expenses incurred in the making. This is understandable, but I feel like I have gotten to this invisible line, and once I cross it, I will be greeted with things like Tax ID's and spreadsheets. Because while I have always loved having an etsy as a place to possibly make a few extra bucks, I have never really considered it any sort of business. It has always felt to me like a larger craftster, but sometimes people give you money. But now, I am staring to THINK SERIOUSLY, which is frightening and strange, and I am getting excited about spreadsheets. Do you guys know what I am talking about here? Have you gone over tthis of the line?
I think it feels so strange because there are the natural doubts that come with really trying to put yourself out there, not only as someone who creates, but as someone who makes a "product". I feel safe thinking of myself as someone who sells things occasionally on the side, versus someone is actively pursuing "the dream". I'm scared of "the dream". Terrified, really, and for no good reason other than I am scared to have other people know I am trying and then fail. So, I'll just jump on in and say it, I have a plan. (Kindof.) I think in terms of branding and marketing. (Vaguely.) I am putting together the spreadsheet. I am tentatively stepping over the line (Sheesh, get a new metaphor, why don't ya?) and declaring my intent to get legit. 2 legit 2 quit. (Yeah, I had to. It was getting a little too "thinky" for my liking.)
SO now that that has been said, I am also declaring my intent to trying to get back to a good balance of working on the things I want to do just for me. Because, really, those are the projects that this blog is supposed to be about. It is my blog, and it's supposed to be about me me me. Which is not to say that the things I produce for sale aren't about me too, (They are. Everything is about me.) but it becomes too ridiculous to document all of them, when we can leave it at, "I make totebags." I have about a million projects in my head that I can't wait to try, and I'm going to get back to them, for reals.
Ok, so, new topic, I use more parenthesis than what is ever acceptable. If we were charged for using parenthesis, I would have to put my parenthesis expenditures on the Discover. Have you ever wondered what 50 yards of cotton webbing looks like? It looks like this, and it is AWESOME, and it only costs $35. Getting massive rolls of supplies makes my hard to pitter-pat.


Evelyn said...

I've never been remotely close to the line (I'm far too comfortable being a tool of The Man and making a decent salary). But I just wanted to wish you the very best. You are so talented, and obviously driven to create. I hope the rest of it just falls into place for you.

rachel said...

Blimey. It was a bit early in the morning for me when I read this, but what I think you're saying is:

*have had a lot of fun, and thank you Etsy
*might be time to get serious (scary)
*definitely time if spreadsheets come into it! (double scary)
*still going to have fun though
*what do your loyal readers think
*have they been there themselves

(miles of cotton webbing comes into it somewhere, but I got lost at that point...)

I stopped at this stage of decision-making when I could choose between making cakes for friends and the local deli, or doing it as a proper business, but that's because it started to feel like a job, and not fun - I was newly-retired, and the thought of another job was loathsome to me.

I'd say just go for it, Lauren; you are so creative, and you make such lovely things. Your loyal readers will support you wholeheartedly. And now you've blogged about it, so you can't not do it.... ha, the Anti-Swithering Blog Declaration Trap....

My only worry is how Baxter is going to feature on a blog that has become Serious??? Too beautiful to be the marketing manager's assistant, could he be The Face of My Aunt June? Like supermodels and Lancome, only with facial hair...

Good luck, Lauren, I hope you make the leap, and that it works out spectacularly well for you.

rachel said...

PS Swithering - a lovely old term for that sort of dithery not-quite-certain turmoil that you go through when something really important needs to be decided....

pattynubs said...

I have been wallowing for years and years about becomming legit. I wouldn't know where to start. I am going to participate in a Holiday Mart at a local museum and I will see how that goes. Best of luck to you. It seems that making the decision is the hardest part and now you can move forward. I will be interested in all you progress, success, and bumps (hopefully very few!)in the road.

Lisa said...

I am not yet to the spreadsheet stage, but BRING IT ON. I want to be.

Where did you get the cotton webbing? I need to find a place to buy some stuff in larger quantities than Hancocks, but am so leery of online shops with hyphens in their name.

Becky said...

I would love to be at the spreadsheet stage. Right now I'm still at university and don't have time to make stuff to sell. So I just stare longingly at my empty etsy shop, dreaming of the future, and I am utterly terrified of getting to the point where I'm able to make things, but I'm too lazy/uncreative/untalented/stupid to actually make any kind of a profit out of anything. I'll start giving stuff away, and then paying people to have my stuff because 'well it's only something I made'.

You go for it Lauren, and then maybe I will too!