Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall = Killing Me.

These fabrics are 1/6th of the way to quilt-ness by now. Am I going to talk about them? No. Today's post is far more annoying than that.

The weather-folk of Kansas City have declared that we will not see yellow sunlight again until Sunday. This is pretty much them saying, "Hey, Lauren, are you ready to be mildly irritated for the next six days? Ha-Cha!" So. Last night working on the new quilt something went wrong, not a big thing, just one of those minor miscalculations that throws off the flow of the whole thing- you know the feeling? And despite the fact that the mistakes have been mostly corrected and there is an easy solution for the rest of it, I still feel like the project has become less fun. Does this happen to you guys? Generally, this is how projects end up in the cardboard box of "unfinished business", which has yet to have anything resurrected from it. Why do these tiny little setbacks sometimes throw us off so much? Whiny, my friends, and the forecast says I will be like that until Sunday.

SO, in order to combat my natural tendencies right now, I am going to make a list of good things. Things that, despite the white sky outside, still make me smile. I'll do this all week, because, seriously, I'm going to need it all week. And today's fabulous thing is:

QT iced tea. Ok, so I don't do coffee, and I'm off soda, so 80% of the time I am a water person, but I love me a giant sippy cup of iced tea that I did not have to make. When Brian and I go out on the weekends, our first stop is usually for giant teas. Unsweetened, of course. Really, my devotion to this is somewhat sad, but it truly can put me in a better mood. Also, the Quik Trip cups are how I stopped drinking soda. You know those obnoxious people who talk about how they "don't even like soda anymore"? Yeah, I hate that, and I am totally one of them now. I realized that only about 50% of the reason I liked Coke was because of the taste, and 50% was because I loved drinking things out of giant cups with straws, so I started drinking water out of giant cups with straws, and Voila! I love it when I can fool my own brain. I hope it isn't reading this.

Anyway, where are we going with this? Tomorrow, some other ridiculous thing that I love! (I promise they will get better than gas station iced tea. Really.)

(Also, thank you so much to everyone who commented on the last couple of posts. Even I thought they have been convoluted and hard to read, so thanks for wading through, and for your support! You = awesome.)


leigh said...

yes - i do the same thing when something goes wrong, or even when i see some other fabrics that i want to make a new quilt with. i put away what i'm working on and then start something new, only to do it all over again. then i start feeling guilty and like i'd better finish the unfinished ones, and sometimes it takes years, but mostly they get done.

p.s. what is that lovely print? i want it.

sarah said...

isn't this dreariness... dreary?? i'm ready for sun. and a little - even a teeny tiny bit - of warmth. the clouds make it seem 10 degrees colder.

(i love qt.)

rachel said...

Another post to leave an English reader bemused - no, mind-boggled, even. A week without sunshine? A WEEK? That's nothing, Lauren. Try November to March..... and most summers.....

And iced tea? Straws? Giant cups? Shudder. Tea must be hot, medium-strong, with a dash of milk. Preferably in a large mug. Just the thing for all situations where gloom and despondency strike without warning.

Oh, and a plain biscuit (cookie) to dunk (dip)surreptitiously in it.

Come and visit - we Brits have the kettle on at all times. Our miserable weather demands it.

Artsy Momma said...

Keep sharing the quirky things that make you happy. I love to hear I am not the only one out there that simple sometimes odd things just make the day that much easier!

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

ack! I had that happen to me last night with a quilt. I still haven't gotten over it and it sure took the fun out of everything last night.

I also like QT ice tea. The quality is good and nobody ever makes it in the coffee maker like some gas stations I've been to. uck.

The Calico Cat said...

Now I know exactly why I have BOXES of unfinished business. Thanks for the enlightenment.

jacquie said...

this weather is killing me too...if i don't see the sun soon i can't be held responsible for my actions. i've been trying to dig into my closet of ufos (now that's a scary place), but i can't get motivated to save my life!