Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Stuff I Like, and Have Thought About Too Much.

Ok, so I missed... the rest of the week. In my defense, I started writing this post on Thursday, but posts with links make me sleepy, and so, uh... yeah. Consider yourselves lucky, because I spent Wednesday - Friday being grumpy and unfit for human consumption. I'm good now, though! The sun came out, and today's high is in the 70's, so much rejoicing is in order! All smiles and happy faces here, except for the problem of my feet being freezing from the beginning of October until halfway through May. But whatever. There are things! That I love! I will talk about them now!-Raisin Bran Crunch. So, Brian has always loved this, and encouraged me to eat it, but up until a couple weeks ago, I had always insisted that regular old Raisin Bran was good enough for me. See, one of my most annoying traits is that, when introduced to something new that will replace something I am used to, I ALWAYS resist. I think of a million reasons why the new thing probably isn't better, or why the way I do it suits me just fine. This can go on for years (Ask my husband. Or my mother, probably.), until, for some reason, I try the new thing. And it always AMAZES me. Which is REALLY annoying if you are the person who has tried to convince me all along. So I'm like, "OH, Man! How can this be so much better than Raisin Bran! How is it POSSIBLE!? I have been WASTING MY LIFE up until now with INFERIOR CEREAL! How could I not have KNOWN???"
And Brian is sitting next to me on the couch, wanting to kill me. But seriously, RBC is awesome. And yes, I am abbreviating the name of cereal. Deal with it.

-Somewhat obsessed with this quilt festivalright now.

-Hulu. Honestly, the internet is SO GOOD. I watch hulu whilst drawing, ironing, whatever random task that would be better accomplished with something happy in the background. Favorite show I knew nothing about? Green Wing. Look it up, you will thank me for it. (Or not, I don't know how great my taste is...)

-The RVA girls are amazing, and I can't believe I wasn't reading all of their blogs long ago. (Well, other than Rachel's, who's mad quilting and home decor I have loved for a while.)-The toddler Tony Clifton Halloween costume I am making for friends of ours son. Is it not the best costume idea, ever?

-Coupons at JoAnn. And awesome sales. I recently bought 70 yards of interfacing for about $27. I had been buying it a little bit at a time, for SO MUCH MORE than that. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, friends.

-MPIX for printing photos. This is where I do my prints, and their metallic paper is absolutely beautiful. Also, if you're located in the midwest, you usually get your stuff in 2-3 days, which is great. If you do a large order on the metallic paper though, download their printer color profiles, as the metallic paper can do somewhat funny things to color.

-Spoonflower. Yeah, I know I have gushed about it several times before, but I'm still so amazed by it. Getting to play "fabric designer" is so much fun! And without this service, I would have never known how much I love it, and never know how awesome it is to get a big stack of delicious fabric that came out of my own brain. (Not literally. HA! Me funny!)-Office supplies. I am getting more organized as far as my shipping is concerned, both supply-wise and aesthetically, and there are very few things that are more fun to browse through than office/packing/shipping supplies. The possibilities! The bulk quantities! The many delightful kinds of permanent markers that I will never, ever need!

-Good smelling hand soap. It makes you feel so much better than the disgusting neon pink stuff. At the high end of the spectrum (read: soaps I have never purchased, but enjoy using) my favorite is Cucina hand soap, I think the Ginger and Sicilian Lemon is the one I like best. More realistically, price-wise, Mrs. Meyers Geranium soap is awesome, and Bath & Body Works Midnight Pomegranate is great, too. Most of the time, though, I am all about Softsoap's Pomegranate & Mango, or Dial's Clean and SOft, both of which I think are under $2 at Target. Have I thought about this too much? Hmmm.-Old pillow cases. Recently, I have been itching for more of these, not only to use on our bed, but to make some throw pillows for the couch. Fall makes me want to make throw pillows, why is this? Does anyone else have this sickness? Can it be cured by anything other than making throw pillows? Also, what are the best pillowforms to use? I'm not a huge fan of the ones they sell in craft stores, but don't really want t buy enough batting to stuff my own. I'm thinking it might be easiest to just buy cheap WalMart pillows and then put cases over them?-Jelly Rolls. The fabric kind. Especially if they are reproduction prints, because I LOVE them, but can never justify buying a ton of yardage of them, and mostly use them for small patchwork projects, anyway. I recently got one of American Jane's "Recess" line, and I can't wait to use it. Though, in all likelyhood, that will not happen for a year or so. I'll say it is because I have a very involved planning process, but that is a lie, I am just slow.-The tags I made for my bags (Spoonflowered, of course.) I think it's hilarious when anything I make looks "real", and these tags make me very happy.

I think that's it for now. Enjoy the day! Oh, and, I seriously will send a mix CD to anyone who wants one, just email me your address, and I will send you some of my "Car Singing Greatest Hits (2009)".


Cristin said...

Many of the things you like, I like too! Especially Jelly Rolls, Joanns coupons, and the PCG Quilt Festival =)

Lesly (aka Shadrach Meshach and Abednego) said...

Green Wing is the best! I could barely read through the rest of the stuff you like, I was so excited to get down to the comment section and give a big +1!!! I have watched it twice through and still laugh my head off. Got to love Sue White, the staff liaison! And - back to quilting - +1 on jelly rolls, too!

Lisa said...

I am too chicken to buy a jelly roll. I mean, what if I can never cut into it? What if I only need part of it? So much could go wrong.

You may have thought too much about handsoap. I do have some B&BW aromatherapy stuff that's pretty nice though.

I would love a cd. I recently had to give up my xm radio in the car due to budgeting and it's killing me to listen to local radio again. Will email.

Chara Michele said...

This post totally made me smile & laugh :) There is a poem about cold toes that I walk around quoting all winter, because my toes never warm up :) I totally resist new things too... I think it drives everyone crazy, but I just can't stand change & new things :)

We don't have a tv, so hulu is just a bit addicting... I am loving watching old episodes of hgtv shows... :)

Ashley said...

seriously, you crack me up every time you post. I'm with you on many of your likes, as well as the resisting change thing. do you know how long my husband had to work to get me to finally use google reader? i thought checking all my favorite blogs individually, hoping for a new post, was a much better method... little did i know!

anyway, thanks for the laugh. and if you really are serious about a cd, i'd certainly love some new music!

Fulvia said...

Alright, I dare YOU ... or is it, I dare??? I am speaking up for a CD please!

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

I have that jelly roll too!!!! And I've had it for almost a year without doing anything to it. Part because it's for a quilt I haven't had time to make yet and the other part is because it's so pretty all rolled up that I can't bare to pull it apart.

sarah said...

oh my gosh, i do the same thing with new things!! resist, resist, resist, breakdown and loooove. i don't get why i do this to myself, but i do...

LOVE cucina hand soap. but right now i'm obsessed with method's pink grapefruit. i think maybe it was a summer thing and now i need to find something a little more fall-ish.

(ps. yes, i'm in kc. we should hang out! i totally need friends.)

rachel said...

Lauren, I think you should put an Anglo-American glossary of terms somewhere on your blog...I love it, but I don't understand half of it, even though I've watched lots of American tv and films.... (I have to explain myself sometimes too, to my Canadian blog-chums). E.g. what's hulu??? Is it rude?