Thursday, January 3, 2008

All the Posts I Meant to Post

Seriously, I have been constantly thinking about all the things I have to put up here, and yet each day passes without a hypertext peep from me. I wanted to do one of those "This is what I made all year, pretty good, eh?" posts, but now I'm too late, and anyway, I haven't even shown you the stuff I made for Christmas. Or, more importantly, the stuff I GOT for Christmas. And I've started on a new project, and I have lots of pointless stuff to type about, but really, I have to go one at a time. So.
Handmade for Christmas. I really meant to make far more stuff for people this year, but it all kind of fell apart ion the last few days, and so I only ended up with one handmade gift, but I think it turned out well, and it is a pretty big gift, so I don't feel to bad about it. It's a lap quilt I made for my grandmother. It's a really simple design that I copied from a quilt my husband;s aunt made for my in laws, she told me it was called "Picket Fence". The fabrics aren't really to my taste,but that's what you do when you make quilts for grandma, I guess. It ended up being 60" by 60", about, and tied in the back with embroidery floss instead of quilted. What's most impressive about this quilt, I think, was that it was made within a 25 hour period. A somewhat exhausting 25 hours, but still.
Also, I need to show you my pre-christmas-fabric-sale goodies. Did anyone else notice that, during the time of year you are supposed to think about yourself the least, all the online fabric stores had awesome sales? I noticed. And with a sudden influx of etsy profit, I caved. Check out my delicious fabric stacks. The first is from Z and S fabrics. Amazing customer service, and look at how cute they wrapped it all up! I haven't been able to do anything but stare at it and caress it, it's so cute.
Second is from J Caroline Creative, who I'd never really looked at before, but has an amazing selection, and shipped really fast. Ok, coming soon: Christmas Loot, 2007.


Stephanie said...

Ilove ordering from Z&S too...The packaging they do is almost as good as the fabric. I get excited about both..hehe.

Good job on the quilt. That was the very first quilt I had ever made. I need to quilt it...I forget about it from time to time.

amandajean said...

your quilt is lovely!

this year I found out that there were TONS of fabric sales on right around christmas or right after. all the local quilt shops here have end of the year sales. I wish I had known...I have big plans for the end of this year. :)

Rachel said...

I have resisted ALL Christmas fabric was hard. At least you remembered to take a photo of your gift. I gave all mine away before photographing.

Missy said...

Good luck selling your quilts! They are amazing!!!
Maybe open a separate Etsy shop just for them?

Chara Michele said...

some very lovely new fabrics! i was impressed with z&s too, pretty packaging & nice customer service is always great! :)