Monday, June 4, 2007


Summer is officially here, and what says summer more than a giant tote bag so large that, when fully loaded, you can barely carry it? Well, I guess there are quite a few things that are a bit more summery, but, well, this says summer to me.It started out as just an excuse to use some of the new solids I picked up for another baby quilt, and a chance to try out the walking foot I also recently purchased to help with the quilting. I just started randomly cutting and sewing and ended up with a teeny little quilty thing, and thought, "I would like this to be my new tote bag. Enough of sewing for others. Me me me!" It went on longer, and included a few verses of the song Veruca Salt sings in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I find it's best to summarize when externalizing my internal dialogue. The other side is a little bit simpler, A) So as not to be TOO busy and B) Because I am lazy.It really is so large that, if it had arm holes, I could probably wear it. And a head hole. That would also required. And now, on a completely different note, meet Jewell, one of the cats I work with. She is trying to keep her identity a secret, and, as you can probably tell, she's not very much help around the studio.

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