Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And The Winner Is....

I meant to do this right, I really did. I pictured adorable little cards in a pretty bowl, a ceremonial drawing and photographs of it all. I blame most of what went wrong on the cable company, and also life. It ended up being post-its, in an ugly bowl, drawn by my boss, who was on the telephone and making a face at being asked to pull a post-it out of a bowl.
But congratulations, Capello, or, well, Laura, of no appropriate behavior, you have won a box o' stuff! And congratulations to me, because I happened to draw someone who lives in the same town as me, so, poo on you, USPS!
Really, I plan on being back up and running, with pictures and everything tomorrow. Really. As long as the cable guys show up.
(By the way, the cat pictured above is not my cat. It just likes to sit on my car. The look on its face is the same look on mine when I contemplate the innerworkings of Time Warner Cable.)

1 comment:

capello said...

i bet your boss was making the same face when i told aaron i needed to take his picture for pool passes and he was all pissy.

i picked out the worst picture for his pool pass.

serves him right. ;-)