Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So we've been moving. A lot. Twice in the past two weeks. And no, we're not insane, we've got an excellent apartment now, we just had to live in a small studio for half a month. With no air conditioning. And a mini-fridge. And a tiny bed. But it's done with now, but for the fact that we currently live in a state of constant wonder over which box _____ is in. I thought it was that big box upstairs, you know? The one that has ______ written on it but really contains _____? You get the idea.
Fortunately, Baxter seems to like the new place, which is, let's face it, the most important thing.
And a few semi-craft-related pictures to help me feel like this blog isn't just about me getting to whine. (Although it is, mostly.)The sign said Yard Sale- Fabric Sale", and I almost killed people turning around to get back to the street.Patchwork Clutch in progress.

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Jen said...

Your new place looks great! And the "Yard Sale - Fabric Sale" sign - Thats the sign I always want to see on a saturday, but don't :(