Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Ugly Pillow

See this pillow? Notice that it is sitting all alone, like it has no friends? Well, it doesn't, not a single friend, and that is because it is ugly. Now, were we talking about a person I would probably hesitate to judge so harshly based on physical characteristics, but when it comes to pillows, it's all about looks. So, I have started cutting my strips so I can make one of those great log-cabin pillow covers, inspired mostly by Lisa Congdon's FABULOUS pillows, that can be seen in all their flickr glory here. Now, you may be thinking, oh, starting another project, must have gotten some progress made on those sad blanket squares... Yeah, no, of course not. Because isn't it better to be in the middle of several things at once, really? Let's pretend so, because I have already told my boss (who owns the ugly pillow) that I am doing this.

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