Monday, March 19, 2007

Little Treechain and EXCITEMENT!

Ok, yes, "treechain" is about the dorkiest word I've ever coined, but it fits, doesn't it? I made this tonight after my long weekend of making NOTHING (sigh), excited to send it off to its new owner..MY FIRST ETSY CUSTOMER!
Yes! I honestly, really was not anticipating anything selling for, well, a while, if ever, so imagine my surprise when I check my email only to find that I have sold something, AND it has already been paid for! The wonders of this modern world, they never cease to amaze me. So how does this tie in with treechain? Oh, it doesn't, I just felt like my first customer should get SOME sort of prize for absolutely making my day.
Here is everything all packed up in its little box and...All ready to ship tommorow!
Now I know, really, this is kind of insane, all this documentation, you woulda thought someone had a baby or sent their kid off to kindergarten, but... it's just exciting. Other etsy sellers, you guys know the feeling?

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