Monday, March 12, 2007

Little Trees

All right, you remember that cool brown and white fabric from my last post? Because if you don't, it's pretty much directly below this, so just go ahead and look. Well, I looked at it for exactly four minutes and knew what I wanted to make with it: little tree pouches! Amd I have! This is the one I finished last night, and I made two more slightly different ones tonight that I will post tommorow. These are bound for the sadly neglected etsy shop, but I have to make more because I will very much need one to keep for myself. Fortunately, they are really quite enjoyable to make, and so cheery and perfect for spring.
Speaking of which, isn't Spring just THE BEST? Especially after a long nasty winter, Spring is just the most amazing mood enhancer there is. It smells good. It feels good. Excessive layering gets old after three months. You can leave the windows in your car down ALL THE TIME... Well, actually, I better go, I should probably roll those back up now.


Abby said...

love love love spring! i realize now that i like it Just as much as fall, which has always been my favorite. btw - i tried responding to your comment - it has you at - should that be gmail? i understand your jealousy, i really, really do. i'm actually jealous of myself! i was practically hyperventilating when i realized just what i'd found, and how cheap it was, and the fact that there was really no one else remotely interested. i think the estate sale people really got a kick out of me, probably because i made a huge goob of myself smiling so much.

which brings me to my next point - you were one of the winners on the blog contest last week, so i need your contact information (i'm not a scary stalker, promise!!) - and also, a question = favorite colors?


LittleMissMeshell said...

Ohhhh I love this!