Friday, March 16, 2007

Greedy for Presents

I have the best husband ever. Ever. That's all there is to it. And I swear I'm not basing that solely on all the presents he just gave me, but they sure don't hurt.
See, we celebrate President's Day instead of Valentine's Day, and I know, you're saying, wasn't that, like, a month ago? Yes, but we will forgive him because LOOK at all this loot!
And he didn't just give it to me, he went to elaborate lengths to convince me that an amazon order was coming, in two shipments, to my work, but that it contained only stuff for him. So i get the first shipment and I'm so stunned and happy, because, c'mon, surprise present in the mail, but I STILL thought the shipment the next day was for him, because he kept going on about how much he was looking forward to getting it. So, big surprise for gullible me, SECOND box o' amazon presentage.
By the way, all of these items are awesome, and I highly recommend getting someone to purchase them for you (har), especially the new Rosie Thomas CD, ANYTHING with Andrew Bird involved, and the books, well, both FABULOUS.

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Jennifer said...

you'll probably never see this cause this post is so I am loving catching up on your blog. I met you briefly a Mod Quilt Guild, and that same day a barista recommended the same book in this post. How weird is that?