Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Made, Thing I Lost.

Ok, so, I had another post planned for today, but it has MANY PHOTOS and requires MUCH WORDS (not really, just SOME WORDS), but it was stressing me out and sucking up time and so this is the one you get.
Because all I make is Birdie Slings, the pictures are of a Birdie Sling I made. Awesome sentence award! This one was for my wonderful mother for Mother's Day. Side note, mom, you're awesome, thanks for not killing me or locking me in the basement between the ages of 13 and 17! I surely deserved it!
In more whiny and self-absorbed news, I have lot my scissors. The IMPORTANT ones. You know. The Gingher 8-Inch Knife-Edge Dressmaker's Shears. THE scissors. I took them to work when I was teaching my class (FOOL!) and now they have disappeared. They had a gold ribbon tied to them. I still managed to leave them.
If you sew, and if you own these scissors (which, obvs, you SHOULD), and if you lose them, you feel like you have lost a hand. Or, not a hand, but some important part. A hand accessory? Wait, that is exactly what you have lost. I lose at metaphors. But WHAT I AM SAYING IS, they are important, and you will constantly feel sad, because NO OTHER SCISSORS can pretend to be these scissors. Not in my house, anyway. All our other scissors are scuzzy and dull and are lazy and lack the ability to cut fabric entirely. Sorry, scissors, it's the truth.
SCISSORS! Come back! Mama misses you! And will never take you for granted again, or drop you (no, I will probably still drop you), or curse your not-very-sharp-ness. You are sharp enough for me! You are my favorite fabric-photo prop! You are SHINY!

TOFUTTI! Where ARE you when I NEEEEED you?


Kristin said...

Scissors: that's a sad story. Come back, scissors!

Tofutti: Love it.

I get to see you on Thursday! Wheeeee!

Louise said...

Love the Tofutti reference. I have had some major freak-outs when I've misplaced my Ginghers, too-- I'm sorry yours are gone.

ksrunt said...

I will be happy to send you some. As long as you promise to keep posting wonderful blog posts that continue to inspire me, oh yeah, and not lose them. I live in the town where the Gingher factory is located and they had a huge! factory sale last year. So I have a surplus. Contact me through email.

Jennifer said...

I *just* bought my first pair of the magical scissors. The springy loaded ones with the fancy golden lock that kind of makes them look like a gun. (I have wimpy hands, so those really help) I do not know how I lived before. I do hope some kind, honest, crafty person will find and return them. Or, I hope that the person who finds them and theives them will have an unfortunate craft accident karma thing.

Mary Menzer said...

Once I walked in a male person who is certainly lucky to still be alive who was using my SCISSORS to cut off the end of his jeans. My eyes got too big for my face, and I practically screamed 'what are you doing with those scissors'. He said ' you said these were the fabric scissors, I'm cutting fabric". I died. Right there.

And person who lives near the Gingher factory - lucky!

JenniferO said...

So sad! I love my fancy scissors. When I can't find them I walk around making scissor motions with my fingers. I'm convinced it helps me find them.

Anonymous said...

I looove those scissors. And I also recently lost my embroidery scissors. Wahhhh!

Sammie said...

I'm very sorry you lost your wonderful scissors, but I want to know where you got all the sailboat fabric. When I'm not working at the job I get paid for, or sewing, I'm a sailor.

Micmacker said...

Did you put up posters or anything? Because scissors, no matter how magical, probably don't read blogs. I certainly don't let mine near the computer (I am mean). I hope they come home soon. And person who lives near the Gingher factory, I am happy for you, because YOU APPRECIATE THE AWESOMENESS!