Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Things I Made In the Interlude, Vol. 3.

So, I work at a quilt fabric store. We have a lot of classes, and starting this summer we will have one more: Improv Studio! And, fr some reason, they are letting me "teach" it. Quotation marks because I would consider myself to be more of a facilitator than a teacher- I'm sure that some of the people who will participate will be more accomplished sewers than I am. The basic structure will be a brief presentation (Powerpoint! Woot?) of some images of whatever the theme of the month is. Since improv isn't about patterns, but inspiration, I think it's a good place to start. This will be followed by a demo of the technique, and then SEWING TIME! I'm kinda jazzed about it, and if you're local and interested, you can sign up on at Harper's, by phone, and eventually it will be up on the website. It will be the third Tuesday of every month, from 6-9, and the cost is $20 per session. This is the ticker-tape quilt I did as a sample, as that will be one of our first sessions. I'm kind of in love with the technique, because it's pretty much a color study and a puzzle all in one, and also pretty quick and simple. AND, I finally have a use for the itty bitty scraps I used to throw away!


Sharon said...

Sounds so interesting!

teaginny said...

I will be there! I love the gradation of colors in your tickertape. Genius.

Paula said...

I may just have to join you!