Monday, November 29, 2010


Ok, so I have SO MANY POSTS TO WRITE, like, a million, about market and about fabric and my birthday and painting the dining room and awesome quilts other people have made with my fabric, but I have been supa-busy and, let's face, it, fairly lazy, but I wanted to pop in to show you something awesome.
Jenny Rinzler of this humble abode (formerly ciuccio) has been awesome on etsy for FOREVA, but recently switched her focus to making excellent ties, some of which are made EVEN MORE EXCELLENTER (biased opinion here) because they are made of my fabric! Anyway, Jenny was recently featured by the San Francisco Chronicle! (Does Jake Gyllenhall still work there? It was only a movie? Whatever.) Take a looksie at the article and the fabulous drool-worthy ties she makes, and then stop over to marvel at this little post, which warms my heart's cockles immensely.
Check out her shop, and buy your loved ones some awesome ties that are a million times cooler than anything you will ever find at the mall. Make your dad a little cooler this holiday season!

(Photos stolen from Jenny's etsy. Please don't sue me?)


Beth said...

Super. Awesome.

this humble abode said...

I will sue you. Oh wait, I will thank you. It's been wonderful working with your fabrics!