Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Think I Actually Sewed Something?

Like, something that was not a tote bag or a kleenex holder or whatever other stuff I sew so often that it no longer feels like sewing. Or, well, no, it still feels like SEWING when I am making 20 tote bags, but it feels like I am sewing in my robot-body. My robot-body can make totes all afternoon, and never have to think a bit. What was the point? Oh, I sewed something! Act impressed, and try and forget that the point of this blog was supposed to be about me sewing things frequently. Ahem.This was just a little sew-as-you-go project I made with some of ye olde scraps. It ended up feeling rather fallish, and functions beautifully as a mouse pad. A mouse pad large enough to be used as a coaster at the same time. Nothing could ever go wrong in the scenario where you keep you giant plastic tea sippy cup on your mouse pad, right? Right.
Tomorrow the fabulous Cherri House (mother of Lizzy House) comes into town to speak at the KC Modern Quilt Guild and then give a workshop, and I will be in attendance at both, so that is super exciting, and if you live around the KC area you might consider checking it out. Tomorrow's guild meeting is from 7-9 at the Roeland Park Community Center, and costs $5 for non-guild members, email me with any questions! And here is a stack of fabric for my Castle Peeps Quilt (in progress) in honor of the House laydeez. Holla.


emily b said...

I love your mousepad - coaster - thingy! And you are too funny. You just made my day!

Esch House Quilts said...

Lucky you - I would so love to have Cherri come to our guild!

Congrats on getting some fun sewing done.

badlandsquilts said...

Oh I absolutely, LOVE the mouse pad! I'm allergic to latex so I don't really use one, but thank goodness I'm not allergic to fabric!

arajane said...

eek, i love it! the colors are absolutely perfect.