Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok, everyone with a hair story, you are the best. I should explain that on the day of my hair tragedy, I hadn't bothered to eat yet, (It was about 3:00 when it happened,) and that might have contributed to the meltdown. Also, styling products can be used for good or evil, but most every salon I've ever been to has used them for evil. I guess I just like my hair exceptionally flat and unpoofed, and that is at odds with the salon worldview. THE POINT BEING, the haircut, it turns out, is not all THAT bad. It's just not what I wanted. And man, letting go of that hard-won ponytail... Well, I can think of it without tearing up now, but I'd rather not dwell on it.
The stories though? They made my day. And my week. And maybe my month, because they are HILARIOUS. Have you ever wondered, gee, is Lauren a person who likes to laugh at other's pain? (You've SO never wondered that.) But the answer is a resounding YES. I live to laugh at other's pain, as long as they are laughing too, an it's not pain from, like, cancer. So the stories were just what I needed. Along with a bowl of Spaghetti-o's (yeah, judge me.), and a Hershey's Cookie's and Creme bar, and later that evening, tea with Alex. Do you know Alex, interweb friends? She is a million times the quilty-person I will ever be, and she makes awesome tutorials so you can be cool like her, too. Also, she is good to have tea with and knows lots about books. But I have gotten distracted.
So, as a token of my appreciation for your hair-pain, and your sharing of that pain, I am going to pick someone from the hair comments and they will receive a fat quarter of...The HAIR-RAISING (ha! I segue!) new HALLOWEEN BIRDIES! This is just a little side-project I've been working on, and I'm so happy to have it out there for any Halloween projects you might have! (Seriously, waiting on the proofs for this just about killed me!) This fabric is ONLY available through my shop on Spoonflower, and comes in 5 colors, Ghoulish Gray, Ghastly Green, Boo Blue, Scary Berry, and Perfect Pumpkin. I just made those color names up, and it was fun. And now, GRATUITOUS BIRDIE PICS!
I printed swatches to test out the colors- the actual design has many more birdies than are shown on these pieces, like...Wizard birdie!Flapper birdie hearts football birdie...Ooh-la-la birdie.Groucho birdie, one of my favorites.Cat bird, Freddie Kruger of the bird-costume world.And the winner is... Jen Peterson! Your pain has made you one fat quarter richer! Please send me an email with your address and your color choice and I will send it out to you!


teaginny said...

No YOU are the best (see the title of the post - Ha,ha). Seriously, very cool to see these little birds come to life in fabric, after seeing the originals sketched out on paper. Now everyone wishes they were me!

Jen Petersen said...

Hey -
I send you an e-mail with my address a bit ago, but haven't heard anything. Just wanted to make sure you got it. E-mail me if you need to jstpetersen@gmail.com
~Jen Petersen