Thursday, July 2, 2009

Remember When I Said

...that I was going to take more pictures OUTSIDE of my house? Well, as part of that resolution, several Saturdays ago, I participated in the Urban Photo Safari, a fabulous event put on by some fabulous people who put this thing on every year just for fun. Anyway, the jist of it is, you get four hours, after you sign in with them, to go around and shoot your heart out. At the end of those four hours, you meet back up and they download all your photos onto their handy little laptops. Then, you have a few days to pick out your best 10 pictures, and you send in the filenames. Note that you just send in the names of the unedited files, you get NO EDITING, and NO CROPPING. Which is tricky. I never really realized how much I depend on photoshop for levels, a bit of cropping, a bit of color correction, etc, until I was forced to shoot knowing I would be without it.Anyway, long story short, it was extremely fun, and by an crazy amount of luck, one of my photographs won in the voting! (Oh, yeah, everyone who participates gets 10 votes to use on everyone elses' pictures, and the photo with the most votes wins. Duh.) Anyway, I thought I would post my ten photos, to prove that I have been attempting to keep my resolution. Also, if you want to see my top 36 photos (I am indecisive, what can I say) you can look here.

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Karen said...

Which photo won?