Friday, July 10, 2009


These are the things my hands do when making stuff.
(Yeah, I know, I have been lame lately, and only posting about tote bags which frankly, while fun to make, not exciting. But I am planning a party, and doing some freelance work, and applying for jobs, so. By the way, does anyone know if I can use a generic walking foot on the Viking? Because while I would like to buy a Husqvarna one, 100 moneys is a lot to put out for a tiny foot, and I don't want to start quilting stuff until I have one again.)


CC said...

I have a Janome which I think has the same low shank walking foot. The thing I found to watch with generic feet is that some have plasticy screw on parts (to the shank) so I would be wary of that but otherwise why not try ebay? I got a fantastic ruffler foot.

kat said...

I love coming to your blog...but you keep preceeding almost all your posts with an apology or something negative about not posting gotta stop doing that. You are us all. Be positive and proud of all you do.

Love your blog and seeing what you are up to...even if it's only once in a while :)


Rachel said...

Hey you! I use a generic walking foot on my Viking. No problems for the most part. :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Don't consider yourself tagged unless you want to, but we have nominated you a lovely blog!

Mal* (turning*turning) said...

I don't know the answer to your foot question (though I also have a HV so I am curious), but those are GORGEOUS photos, lady. I love to see what you're cooking up.