Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Patchy McTote Bag!

In high school, my friend Morgan and I used to make up nicknames for people by picking one or two of their characteristics and using the ingenius formula ______y Mc _______ ______. Blanky McBlankblank. I think everyone did it though. We also made up new lyrics to the Taco John's jingle, which isn't really newsworthy but sure makes me hungry for Taco Johns. True story: One time I met one of the Taco John's test kitchen chefs. They're based out of Wyoming or a Dakota or something. She was really nice and left a sweatshirt here in Missouri and we shipped it back to her. TRUE STORY! There are some days when I just should not be allowed to write a blog, and this is one of them. The point of the story was: Patchy McTotebag.
I think I'll just post pictures and we'll all be happier, k?

PS: Etsyfied.


Craft Like Crazy said...

Oh my goodness! Love it. Make these instead of pillows!

erica said...

cute tote. Crafty McCrafts A lot!

mama turtle said...

I kinda like the story, and I really like the tote!