Monday, December 22, 2008

Rice Bags, Fabric Strips, Etc.

So, yesterday I got the idea into my head to make some rice bags, because, you know, it isn't like I don't ALREADY have 14 holiday craft projects to complete, and everything else to wrap, and, oh wait, I said I would screenprint our Christmas cards? Yeah. So, I decided to make some, because I was chilly, and it seemed easy, and there are always those people who you
a) don't know what to buy for
b) didn't know they were going to give you a present and so had nothing for them, or
c) need to give one more thing to, in order to justify not spending enough money on them.
So, essentially, these are the B team of presents. Not to say those who recieve them are B-teamers! You're fabulous, you to-be-determined folks, you! But these presents are not that difficult, but rather functional. I followed the instructions found here, and made two different kinds.
These are the girly ones, the bottom one with the bunnies on it is MINE! And you can't have it! (Although, at this point, it has already spent one night covering my feet, so I doubt you WOULD want it.)This second group is the manly man bags, made of some beautiful wool suitings I got a few years back at a vintage clothing sale.One word of caution with the rice bags though: You might think you're being smart by microwaving them for an extra 30 seconds, but you are not. Unless you want your special sitting parts to be burned off. Do you? DO YOU? Not smart, people.Also, I SO enjoyed reading about all of your failed or semi-failed crafting experiences! There was a lot of giggling around here, but then I asked the Random number generator "Who gets it?" and he said:Congratulations, Heather! You're a winner! Also, the first thing I ever tried to "sew" was a pillowcase skirt, and I thought I could use stitch witchery too! Fail! I wonder how many awful projects have been a direct result of the allure of fusable webbing strips? Also, I feel obliged to mention, that there was a death in the family today. Beloved carrot toy has finally bit the big one. Fortunately, a new beloved carrot was already purchased a month ago, when I thought that this one had been thrown out, but was, in fact, only hidden. Newer carrot is still in commission, although he has already lost both of his leafy ears in combat. A moment of silence?


missemilysmom said...

oooh!! I won!! Yeah!! I never win!!

What do you need from me??

Anonymous said...

Rufus is so hardcore. That carrot never stood a chance.

mama turtle said...

I totally understand the too many holiday crafts. I was working on 8 pairs of quilted fingerless gloves last night, too be scrapped due to the need to clean and get ready to go on a long snowy drive.... as far as toy massacres, we had a doozy here one year, gut stuffing as far as the eye could see... they don't stand a chance here either. Happy Holidays!

Chara Michele said...

That is a good idea for a last minute gift... I love the reasons for why someone might get one of these from you :)

KimberlyDi said...

Congrats lauren - You're a winner! Enjoy the camera from PW.