Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fabric Lust.

I have been waiting for Erin Michael's new fabric line, "Lush" to be available for MONTHS, ever since it was mentioned over at True Up. So I can't WAIT to get my hands on some, but it would be bad to buy some right in the middle of the time of year when we should be thinking of others more than ourselves... Right? Do I sound convinced yet? IS there seriously anything better than paint by number fabric? Or, better yet, paint by number palette fabric? I think not. At least, as far as fabrics go.
And now that I'm snooping around the Moda site to scavenge some screen-shots, I can't wait until "Hello Betty" comes out, and "Arcadia", and "Neptune"! I usually think of Moda as a slightly more conservative company when it comes to pattern, but it looks like next year they're really putting some fabulously modern stuff out.
Also, thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to my little video! I was kind of worried, having never even put a picture of my FACE on here, to have a whole little video of me being semi-ridiculous, but I decided to get over it. I hope it was more helpful than confusing!
(Images screenshotted from Tula Pink. I hope that's ok. If not, I sorry!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren... thanks for sharing your quilting video... i was wondering though... you say you don't use a free motion foot, but you obviously drop your feed dogs...yeah? Nice work!! Lx

Stephanie said...

I meant to comment on your video - it was great! My husband even watched it. ;) I am also SUPER excited for that fabric - I saw today that several shops already have it for sale!

Lauren said...

Nope, Lee-Anne, feed dogs are actually up, I just pull or push the quilt in the direction I want the stitching to go, but let the machine do the pulling or pushing forward (or backwards).

meg said...

wait, you do push the button to go backwards(or whatever you need to do to make your machine go backwards)? And do you use a walking foot? And the fabric is super awesome, I have been lusting after it myself. Oh, if only I still got "christmas money."

schnoobie said...

yeay for you for being so brave and posting your video. I have to tell you that a good friend of mine sent me a pic of one of your first quilts because of the quilting and I LOVED it and then lost it and had to have her resend the link. Anyway...I am a longarmer and have the best set up to get quilts quilted but I have been dying to know your method and patterning figuring yours was done on a domestic. Thanks a ton for my aunt june was my grandmas sister and I have a VERY old pic on my studio wall of us
together when I was about one year old and diggin through her purse.
I think about her everytime I stop by your blog:)thanks again!