Friday, December 26, 2008

I think I just poo'ed a little.

Ok, so, I feel the need to explain my day on Wednesday: furious amounts of last minute gift-makery, endless burning with irons, the need to photograph at least SOME of the presents before they disappear into small sticky hands, packing, wrapping, general mayhem.
No blog-checking. Google Reader, you were neglected. How foolish I was. But.
I got home today, and was finally checking the backlog and.
Holy Poo.
Holy Moly.
Holy Moly Poo.
Everyone is going to hate me now, but I won a camera from the
Did I mention extremely generous?
And, pretty much, I am still hyperventilating. Thank you, Ree! I can't even think of things to say! Especially not smart or interesting or funny things! In fact, at this point, I am still dizzy!
And have I mentioned that the camera is not just any camera. It's a
NIKON D2x?!?!?!
You are all free to hate me now. I hate me a little bit now. But I think I will eventually get over it. It is troublesome hating the person you live in a head with.
Did that make sense? No. But neither do I right now.
Thank you, Ree!
( and I hope this doesn't seem gloaty! I really, really, don't want to seem gloaty, because I hate gloaty, but when someone gives you the awesomest random-prize-winning-draw of your life, or ever, you feel the need to mention it. At least. Ree rocks. Ree can come over to my house, any time she wants, and put manure covered feet on any of my furniture. Not that your feet are covered with manure. I don't think they are. But if they were, you could do it anyway. I have sponges. Somewhere.)


Valerie said...

Um, I think a little gloating post is COMPLETELY ALLOWED!!!!! I would have died if I had won that -- what were the odds? A zillion to one? Man, that is the coolest. I am a big Pioneer Woman fan, and a My Aunt June fan, so I'm totally saying a little hip-hip-hooray down here for ya'...:) Now that you're in a little with good ol' Ree, if you could just possibly put my name in to get to stay at that swanky newly renovated lodge of hers, I'd really be your biggest fan. Haha. Just kidding. (Um, kind of. I really do want to go stay in the Lodge.)

Stephanie said...

HOLY COW! Real people win those awesome drawings??? Congratulations many times!

You crack me up. :)

Mandy said...

I do hate you a little. Okay, a lot. Just kidding, mostly.

I'm actually glad you won, because sometimes I think entering her contests is a waste of time. You give me hope!!

Congrats. No, seriously!

mama turtle said...

That is sooo awesome!

Way to go random chance! Wish I had one! Happy Christmas to you! Gloating fully allowed!

Missy said...

Congrats! That is SO awesome!!! I'd be gloating all over the place. Have fun with it.

Rachel said...

um, you are totally allowed to gloat. And, yes, I do hate you just a tad...but your cuteness wins me over every time. That is so so awesome!

bettyninja said...

holy congrats! That is absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! since I know nothing about cameras I'll just leave you with the knowledge that Ian is totally jealous :)

Alicia A. said...

Holy crap! That is awesome. And I would hate you a little if you weren't so stinkin' cute and funny.

Lisa said...

OMG I think I hate you a little. I didn't think real people won.

(Seriously though, VERY COOL!)

Jen said...

I haven't seen your blog in a while. I kind of dropped off line for a while. But BEAUTIFUL work you've been doing! LOVE the quilt. And congrats on the camera.

Amy said...

I might hate you. No. Just jealous. Congratulations!

misschris said...

Hot dog! That is awesome. She is awesome. That camera is awesome! You are so darned lucky, girl!!! Congrats.

Couldn't have happened to a sweeter gal. :)

schnoobie said...

CRAZY I just came from her blog and didn't bother to check to see who won........way to FREAKING GO...that camera has some seriously great juju, I'm sure....can't wait to see what you do with it ( no pressure of course ;)

Karen said...

Congrats Lauren!! After reading your blog, I found pioneer woman and starting reading it. Wow, quite interesting.

Stacy said...

holy moly poo, i'm a wee bit jealous. Yay for you!!!