Monday, August 4, 2008

What Is Hiding In The Corner Of My Attic?

What is that there, hiding behind the ironing-board-piled-with-unfinished-quilts? Oh, yes, it is the Newly installed Hunt Family Screenprinting Studio.

Ignore the botched prints hanging there, they were not made in the HFSS, and are therefor inferior to what will be produced there, surely, sometime soon. Except that currently temperatures in the HFSS, average around 105 degrees, according to my estimatey body thermometer. I like summer and all, but October is sounding better and better each day.


Sarah said...

That attic is going to be the coolest place in town once it gets cool again.

Julie @ Letter9 said...

Ooh. Neato. I have to admit that I actually use my ironing board for screenprinting... it's the only space I've got and it STINKS for making prints. Very jealous of your new little area.